Yellow [Fiction on Friday, 2]

After missing last week, I am back and ready for the second installment of "Fiction on Friday." To read more about this endeavor, you can click here.

This week's short story is a continuation of the one that I shared the first week, so make sure to click over and get caught up!

I'm a little nervous about this one because I am writing it from a male's point of view, and that is something that I have never done before. I guess I will never know how it goes until I try though!

I always loved her in that simple t-shirt.
The once bright yellow fabric that was faded to a pastel shade brought out the gold flecks in her hazel eyes better than any designer sundress could have.
That was the shirt she was wearing on that fateful day...the day that I attempted to leave her behind forever. The day that I had spent weeks praying about. The day that I had hoped would be easy, so I would know that I was doing the right thing.
Well, it wasn't easy...I can promise you that. Four months later, I can't shake the image of her sitting on that porch swing...so still and void of emotion. I could practically hear her heart hardening as I tried to explain myself to her.
She hates me...I'm sure of it.
This is all I can think as I stare out the window of the plane. We are slowly descending. The clouds are thinning and I can see glimpses of the lush greenness of the Florida landscape that I had left behind months ago.
I can already imagine the sensation of the humidity on my skin. I can hardly wait to walk out of the airport and feel it on my face, just like I had almost every other day of my life.
I think of all of the summer nights that her and I spent together in that humidity...taking walks along the bank of the river. The moisture would settle on her hair and skin, curling the hair that she had put so much time into straightening and giving her face a natural, childlike glow. It had been an eternity since I had seen that glow.
She hates me...I'm sure of it.
The plane makes rough contact with the runway and slowly begins to skid to a stop. My heartbeat speeds up, skipping along with every little bump that results from the impact.
She is so close now. There is nothing separating us but a few airport walls.
I reach into my bag and pull out the little black box for the hundredth time. Running my finger over the smooth velvet, I find the clasp and pop it open. Of course it's still there...nestled safely in a small bed of silk. The unique yellow diamond catches a stream of sunlight from the window and creates a kaleidoscope effect in the tight cabin of the plane.
Gathering my bags, I go through one final rehearsal of what I'm going to say to her.
There is so much left to tie up...so many apologies to be made.
There are four months of lost time to be made up for. More than that if you count the downhill slide of the weeks before that.
I gave her up for a dream. Or, at least I tried to. All I can do now is hope that I can make it right.
I step into the crowded airport, scanning each group of people for her familiar face as I walk.
There she is.
But it's not her face that I see first. She is turned towards the wall. Her back is to me, but I can tell that she is wiping tears from her face.
Part of her hair is pulled back and secured with a small clip. It's yellow...the same shade as her t-shirt that I love so much.
Yellow has to be our color.
I'm still standing there in a trance, looking at that clip full of her gorgeous hair when she turns around.
Our eyes meet, and my feet move.
She's back in my arms again.

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, I love this!

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Yayyyy, I love that you continued the story from last time!

I think you did an awesome job writing from a man's point of view, no need to be worried.

Helene in Between said...

well this is just plain awesome. i need to go back and get caught up, but even just reading this part i love reading your voice, and you write men well!

Amy said...

i'm very interested to see where this goes!
so much backstory to be told - so many hurts and pains, so many missed nights and nights to relive.
definitely captured my interest!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Ahh I love this and can't wait to find out what happens next!!

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