I Like You, You Like Me...

Happy Saturday!

It's a chilly one here in Florida, so I can't even imagine how some of my friends further north must be feeling this morning!

I just wanted to pop in long enough to share another one of my New Year advances with you. I made a Facebook page for my blog! Starting this year, I want to be completely honest and open about a lot of things...including my blogging and writing! Therefore, I made the Facebook page not to only share with you all, but also with all of my friends and acquaintances in my "real life." It's a little nerve wracking, but I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes!

If you're interested in liking Miranda Writes on Facebook, you can do that here!

Wishing you the happiest of weekends!
LittleBird said...

Making a FB page for my blog is on my list too… I just have to find the motivation and make the time haha


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