Local Product Swap ANNOUNCEMENT

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I have such cool news to share with y'all today!
A few weeks ago, Kelli contacted Jessica and I with a really unique idea for a blogger swap. (Who doesn't love a good swap, am I right?)
As we all know, the blogging community is HUGE. There are always new blogs to stumble upon, new posts to read, and new friends to be found. Something else that is awesome about the blogging world is the level of diversity. It is rare to find two bloggers who live in the same exact area. We expand from Canada to the U.S., from North to South, from East Coast to West Coast. We have all grown up in different states, in different towns.
A big reason that we blog is to share our personal lives and experiences. We tell our readers about our lives, our interests, where we live, what it's like living there...everything really. So, how neat would it be to have the opportunity to not only talk about our "local" adventures, but to actually share a little piece of them with a blogger in a much different place, and receive something from that blogger's home in return?
Well, with this upcoming Local Product Box Swap, that will be possible! Interested in participating? Here is the low down:
1. Due to the price of shipping costs, swappers must reside in either the United States or Canada.
2. After signing up and receiving the name of your partner, email them within 48 hours to get to know them.
3. There is a spending limit of $15.00. This does not include shipping!
4. Products must be new and made in your area...or at least in the U.S (or Canada!) if local becomes difficult.
5. Include a note, describing each product and why they are special to your area.
6. When shipping, be sure to get a tracking number. (Wouldn't want the package to get lost!)
7. Make sure to grab a button and link up to show your swap goodies on the day specified!
Fun, right? We have been really excited about announcing this, and can't wait to see how it turns out! Please join us, and make some new friends! The timeline for everything is listed below!
January 21st: Swap announcement is live!
January 28th: Sign-ups begin, and will remain open until February 2nd.
February 6th: Matches are announced, and the emailing of your partners can begin. (Just make sure to do it within 48 hours!)
February 6th-20th: Get to know (and, let's be honest...blog stalk) your partner.
February 26th: Have your packages mailed out by this date!
March 5th: Grab a button, link up with us, and share your swap surprises!
Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

ahhh I'm so excited!!

Sam @ From East To West Coast said...

Guys this is such an amazing idea! Of course I'll be participating (:

A Life Less Traveled said...

I love this idea! I need to start thinking of Orlando specific goodies.

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