Perfection Not Required

My entire week can be summed up in one picture.

Yes, that is a monstrous, gigantic pile of laundry in my bedroom floor. Guess how long it's been there. Oh...only since Saturday. I did three loads of clothes over the weekend and swore that I would take care of them this week. Well, I haven't. They're still sitting there in my floor, staring at me every time I walk into the room. And you know what? They are driving me INSANE. But, I just can't bring myself to actually fold them, put them on hangers, and put them in the stinkin' closet.

My laundry isn't the only thing that has been missing out on my attention this week. You've probably noticed that my blogging schedule has been off. I normally have my posts scheduled and they go up around 8:00 in the morning. This week, I have been writing and posting them in the evenings. I'm here to say...I'm not a fan. It's felt really odd.

I tend to feel extremely "off" if I'm not following my usual schedule or accomplishing everything that I want to accomplish during the week. Sometimes one thing (like laundry) will get off track and everything else will just follow suit. Blogging, errands, chores...it all just goes into a state of chaos. Well, maybe not chaos...but definitely disorganization.

The important thing to remember during weeks of "fluster," is next week is a brand new week. We, as women, as human beings...are not expected to be perfectly in sync with our lives. It's okay to get off track. It's okay to change things up. Minor, every day things like laundry, are not meant to push us over the edge. Perfection is not required.

And it also isn't terrible to have a three-day weekend coming up in which a lot of catching up can take place. ;)

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

SO glad you have a 3 day weekend to regroup and relax! I don't think I get Monday off :-(

A Life Less Traveled said...

I have Monday off too! Hope you can regroup and relax on your 3 day weekend.

Alexipanda said...

Thanks for this :) It's good to know someone's in the same boat! I feel so off schedule lately it's so weird. I guess winter break just wasn't enough for me :/

Fal Finds Happiness said...

Came across your blog from Pleas[e] And Carrots and lovvvvve it! She mentioned your "word for 2014" about relying on God. Perfection. Can't wait to creep, I mean, read....your blog :)

xo fal | falfindshappiness.blogspot.com

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

sometimes stuff gets away from you and it's overwhelming! my email has done that and i've totally slacked off from responding to comments etc. i'm working to get them out but damn, with eleventy billion things in my email it's overwhelming.

happy 3day weekend! you're lucky; we only get a boring 2 day one :(

Vodka and Soda

Stephanie said...

I really like your 'to read' stack! :)

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

I thought the 8 books in my to read stack was a lot!

I only wash clothes when it's really cold or when Tyson needs clean work clothes. Little K and I like to stay in our PJ's which if fine by me, less laundry!

Have a great relaxing weekend!

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

Wow. I'm going through the same thing! My schedule of chores and errands is so off. I keep skipping things I usually don't. I also didn't complete all my laundry folding and I really need to clean my apt but can't bring myself to do it. My posting has been off too. I've woken up to post bc i just couldn't bring myself to do it the night before. I feel so drained and don't know why.

I hope we get out of this funk! I think sometimes I'm a little too uptight w my routines but I just don't feel right when I fail at them...feel off.

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