One Thousand Gifts (1-25)

At the beginning of the year, my roommates and I signed up for a women's Bible study that was being hosted by two ladies at our church. It ended up being a six week series, and we would meet on Wednesday nights, have a delicious meal together, take some time to fellowship, and then dive into the study. It was a small group of about eight women, of all ages. The dynamic was really great, and Wednesday nights were extremely anticipated during those few weeks. The study ended a couple of weeks ago, and my roommates and I are still discussing it pretty frequently.

We discussed the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. First of all, Ann Voskamp is a BEAUTIFUL writer. She finds beauty in simplicity, and forms sentences and paragraphs in the most poetic way. The video that accompanies the study book is full of all of her personal photographs, and she is an amazing photographer as well. She is just all around a very creative, strong, faith-filled, family oriented woman. 

One Thousand Gifts focuses on finding gratitude in every day life. A short description pins it as "A dare to live fully right where you are." Honestly, is this a lesson that any doesn't need to hear? We all need a little reminder to focus on the positive, find good in the bad, and remain hopeful even in the hard times. Throughout the book, Ann refers often to a list that she wrote...a list of 1,000 gifts in her life. The gifts are everything from the obvious blessings, to tiny things that are so often overlooked. 

During the last night of our study, one of the leaders gave us all journals so that we can compile our own list of 1,000 gifts. I thought it was a sweet gesture, and a great idea...therefore, I have accepted the challenge. However, since I am a blogger, I'm going to take it one step further by not only writing my gifts down, but also sharing them here. Of course, I'm not going to share 1,000 gifts in a single post. Therefore, I will do 25 per post, and post here and there. So, today, I am sharing my first 25 gifts. 

One. The opportunity and ability to freely study God's word within a group of loving, compassionate women.

Two. Daylight Savings, and the extra couple of hours of daylight that it has provided up with.

Three. Springtime! Everything is turning green and bright, and the weather practically begs you to spend time outdoors.

Four. A job that I know will be waiting for me every day, and that gives me the opportunity to grow as a person.

Five. The fact that I am feeling financially stable for the first time in my life.

Six. A beautiful town home to return to every day for comfort and shelter.

Seven. Two amazing roommates/best friends to share that home with.

Eight. The clean, pure air that I am breathing as I type this post. 

Nine. The fact that I am healthy in body and mind, making me able to type, blog, work, and be active on a daily basis.

Ten. Being able to say that I am on day 45 of quitting my soda habit.

Eleven. Clean, crisp water that is replacing that soda.

Twelve. This blog, where I can share my thoughts, hopes, doubts, fears, and dreams.

Thirteen. The blogging community, through which I have made some very dear friends and continue to meet really cool people every single day.

Fourteen. The scripture that is hanging on our living room wall as a reminder..."We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him." - Romans 8:28

Fifteen. The big, comfy, white couch that I am curled up on.

Sixteen. The Silver Snail...my dependable car that gets me from point A to point B on a daily basis. 

Seventeen. Being fortunate enough to have learned how to read and write. 

Eighteen. Being able to read the written thoughts of others. 

Nineteen. Realizing that there is always a new lesson to be learned, every single day. 

Twenty. The moon, and its comforting presence. I know it is always there, even when it is hidden behind dark clouds. 

Twenty-One. The stars, which so beautifully complement the moon. 

Twenty-Two. Knowing that I have a bed to curl up in at the end of a long day. 

Twenty-Three. Much-needed, deep conversations. 

Twenty-Four. A pantry full of food to get me through until pay day. 

Twenty-Five. Knowing that my mom is coming up to spend the weekend with me in just a few short days!

Wow...I'm really surprised at how easily the gifts began to flow after I wrote the first couple down. I have more accumulating already. How cool is that? There really is a lot to be grateful for, and I"m looking forward to documenting them over the next year!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

What an awesome idea and a great way to realize how lucky we are!! I must say I am very jealous that you are experiencing springtime, not fair!! Also, yay for your mom coming this weekend, I can't wait for Friday!

Vicky Hunt said...

Love it Randa and I love that I made the list...:) So looking forward to our weekend. It's getting me through parent/teacher conference week! Love you, Mama

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