I spend a great deal of time longing for simplicity; for a time when life wasn't so complicated.

Do you remember being a child and dreaming about how much "better" life would be as an adult? I know I do. Back then, I was so convinced that everything only became easier with age. I will admit that certain things during adolescence were more difficult than they are now as an "grown up," but for the most part, life really was so much easier. Sometimes I feel like I would do almost anything for the opportunity to be a kid again...even just for a couple of days.

I long to trade responsibility for free time.

I long to trade business casual for "play clothes."

I long to trade irate work calls for kickball at recess.

I just want that feeling of bliss and contentment.

Earlier today, I was trying to remember the last time that I was truly relaxed. While sitting at my desk, I noticed how tense my shoulders and my neck seem to be. That's something I have never really paid much attention to, but now that that thought has entered my mind, I'm really feeling it.

How does one reclaim that childlike feeling of simplicity in the hustle and bustle of adult life? That sense of peace that you get when you are completely relaxed, and your mind is in a restful state...where does that come from?

I'm on the hunt for simplicity...for the ability to feel like I'm soaking up some sun  on a breezy spring day even while I'm stoically perched in my desk chair. Just because there is more to think about as an adult doesn't mean that all good feelings must be done away with, right?

Where do you find your peace of mind?

Halie @ Life in the Sunshine said...

A few comments:
1. I know exactly what you mean, and so wish I could go back even to high school days sometimes, but nonetheless elementary age! (But then I remember that no I don't actually want to do all that again....)
2. How did I not notice before that your blog screams subtle FSU themes?! So cute!
3. You're a great writer. A lot of bloggers think they are "writers" and are just really pretty awful at it, but you actually know what you're doing, and you have something to actually say, and I like that :)

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Oh girl I definitely long for a simpler time. I miss being a kid sometimes, so much! I really didn't appreciate it enough back then!

The Rachael Way said...

Simlify was my word for 2014, yet I find myself getting away from that lately... ugh!

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

As an old lady might I say that I think that feeling your looking for comes with age and experience.

By realizing you miss it you're on the first step in your journey to find it. You're going to make lots of changes and decisions in you quest but follow you heart mostly and your mind only a little (your mind has a tendency to over think things). There will be fleeting moments of that feeling, be mindful of them and what causes them, then try to find a way to make them happen more often.

I just found that feeling completely last year and I have to work to keep it, it's not something I can be lazy about for sure.

Kiki said...

Good question! As someone who works with kids everyday, I would honestly say that kids remind you of these truths and teaching also gives you a chance to be a kid all the time, too. But when I'm not around kids (or even when I am and am stuck with paperwork or something), I get overwhelmed with life and how complex it really is. I think getting fresh air is key, and so are naps and writing/blogging, too. And who says we can't wear play clothes and play kickball as "adults", too? :)

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