Spring Favorites: The Circle/I Have The Blog Baton!

Hey, hey, hey! It's Thursday! Already? That's perfectly okay in my book!

Today is a very exciting day because it is my turn to hold The Blog Baton! This is such perfect timing, because I have been smart phone-less for the past four weeks and I finally received my replacement iPhone last night. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to participate on my scheduled day, but everything ended up working out perfectly!

In case you aren't familiar with the concept, The Blog Baton is an Instagram account created by Mason @ Mason...Like the Jar. Each day, a new blogger takes over and shares their day in pictures. It's such a cool way to meet new bloggers and learn more about the ones you already know. Make sure to follow along @theblogbaton, and click here to go to Mason's blog and learn all of the specifics and maybe even sign up to participate yourself!

I'm also participating in something else really fun today. It's a new month, which means that it is time for a new topic for The Circle, which is a monthly blogger hangout hosted by the amazing Kiki at In Its Time. This month Meg from Me With the Three is her lovely co-host, and they along with everyone else is getting together to talk about something that is currently very highly anticipated...SPRING! 

What is spring like where you live?
Here in Florida, spring begins very early and it is perfection. March and April are beautiful months. It rains often and everything turns green and vibrant. The temperatures range from high 60's to around 80. It's breezy, and blue skies and cloudless days are frequent. In my opinion, it is the best time of year to be outside, because it isn't scorching hot and the "Florida cold" is gone.

What's your favorite springtime accessory?
Sandals, sandals, and more sandals. I positively hate closed-toed shoes. I love going on the hunt for the perfect pair of strappy sandals and sliding them on with a fresh pedicure. I believe that a girl can never have too many pairs of sandals...they're good for the soul.

Do you have any springtime traditions?
Spring means lots and lots of time outside! This is the time of year that my friends and I become reacquainted with the beach and the Florida sunshine. We always take a trip to have some water-filled fun, whether it's to the beach or tubing down one of the local rivers. It's so much fun!

What is your favorite spring treat?
Hm...good question. I always associate spring with Easter. And I always associate Easter with Reese's Eggs, which are delicious. So I guess I will have to say Reese's Eggs.

Favorite spring holiday?
Easter, hands down. It's a day to celebrate the love of the Savior. Plus, it is also a guaranteed day to have a blast with friends or family. Food, sunshine, and Jesus. It just doesn't get any better!

What's your favorite thing to do in the spring?
I honestly just like to be in the sun, on the sand, or in the water. Spring is a great time to be active and make a ton of new memories! If it could be spring all year long, I would probably be okay with that. 

Find and capture a sign of spring and tell us about the photo(s)!
I didn't have to go very far to find two signs of the new season. When I walked out of my front door, I was greeted by a cheerful blue afternoon sky and bright pink blooms on the flower bush next to our porch. Both make me happy!

I feel like this post is full of so many bright colors. Happy (almost) Spring! 

In Its Time
Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

I totally want to do the Blog Baton but I feel like most of my days are spent doing nothing and that I'm completely boring.

I am so glad you are back, I really missed you!

Meg said...

I bet your Summers are not so pleasant in Florida... they're not so much here in SC. I wish we has Spring weather all year around!

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

The blog baton sounds really neat! What a cool idea!

And yay spring and Easter :) I cannot wait for spring to make it's way to NY. We had a warm Tuesday but it is so cold today!

LOVE, DANICA said...

Never been to Florida...spring sounds wonderful there but is it really humid all the time?

Kiki said...

Oh goodness, I long for the day when sandal season comes around! I was just celebrating the fact that we've had sunshine and how we've got rain in our future... :)

Anyway, thanks for linking up! The blue sky and pretty pink flowers definitely make me excited for spring!

Elizabeth at Southern Finesse said...

Sandals! I live in them when the weather warms up. And by warms up, I mean upper 40's. haha

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Congrats on the Blog Baton, that is awesome! I missed it yesterday because I barely was on my phone, but that is super cool! Also, Easter is definitely one of my favorite holidays, I love everything about it! P.S. How is Florida in mid-May? I am coming down for a wedding!

Jenna Griffin said...

I'd LOVE to be in Florida for the spring. It is always so perfect. I grew up vacationing in Florida during spring break. I may just have to take a weekend trip down there soon! Beautiful photos!

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