5 Things I Can't Live Without

We all have things that we depend on just a little too heavily. As women, we become pretty particular, and therefore addicted to items that we think we need, even if they are just a luxury. Today, I thought I would be a little dramatic and share a few items that I feel are crucial to my ability to function.

1. T-shirts.
If you know me well, you know that I am a super casual person. If I'm not at work or church, I am most likely in a t-shirt of some kind. I own about 20 different FSU t-shirts alone. My favorite though, are these vintage v-neck tees from Old Navy. They are so soft, and ridiculously comfortable. Yet, they are still a little fitted so they are great to dress up too! I have five or six of these particular shirts in different colors.

2. Sea salt spray.
I have wavy hair. Growing up, I fought it tooth and nail by straightening the absolute mess out of it. Over the past couple of years, I have learned how to embrace my natural hair. Not only is it healthier, but I get compliments on it a lot. Sea salt spray works wonders for naturally wavy hair! Regardless of whether I blow dry it, diffuse it, or let it air dry, it still makes it look great. My favorites are the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe texturizing spray, and the Loreal Tousle Waves spray.

3. Sandals.
Sandals are the best shoes ever, are they not? I'm not going to lie, I sometimes wear them even in the winter. Of course, I live in Florida so it normally works out okay. Simple, strappy sandals that go with anything are my fave. I'm loving these from Target.

4. Facial Toner
I have oily skin and I am constantly striving for the perfect skin-care routine to counteract the issue. Something I do not go a day without using is toner. It is refreshing and does a really good job of giving that "deep clean" feeling. For the past few months I have been using the Olay Oil Minimizing toner and it is great. I also really like the Dickinsons Witch Hazel toners.

5. A Good Body Mist
The PINK Fresh and Clean body mist has been my holy grail product since the day it came out. It smells SO GOOD. Whenever I use a bottle up, I run out and buy a new one. It's perfect, and I use it all year round. I don't have words to describe how nice the scent is. You will just have to go smell it for yourself!

What are some things that you can't live without?

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Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I couldn't live without t-shirts or body spray either (my fav is pink chiffon from B&BW). Also, YOGA PANTS!

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

I can't live without flip flops!!

I need to try some of the beach salt spray. I never blow dry, do you just put it in when your hair is wet and let it dry?

Margaret said...

Tshirts and sandals all the way!! I have to dress pretty nice for work- but I always change into a tshirt the instant I get home!!

And I really need to get some sea salt spray...my wavy hair is normally just a mess. But I should try to embrace it for what it is!

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

Oh I have to try the sea salt spray. I've never used it but I have wavy hair (sometimes...my hair is so weird). I can't wait to try it :)

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

Also I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Just FYI if you participate in those :)

Nadine Lynn said...

Flip flops are my jam. I basically just want to live in them!!

I have never tried sea salt spray before but I see a lot of people talking about it lately.

Sara Blinder said...

I have super (painfully!) straight hair and my stylist used some sea salt spray in it and "tousled" it with the straight iron the last time she cut my hair. I loved it. If only I could get it to look like that at home!

Amy said...

love this list! i need to try the sea salt spray!
and sandles = love them. rainbows are where it is at for me, all other sandles pale in comparison! ;)

The Rachael Way said...

Fresh and Clean is sooo good!

Elizabeth at Southern Finesse said...

I can't live without moisturizer, my face feels like sandpaper without it. haha

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I loooove Not Your Mother's sea salt spray! Smells so amazing!!!!

A Life Less Traveled said...

I also can not live without t-shirts. And you can never have enough FSU shirts, right?

Hallie Oceanside said...

pretty sure we just became bfff.
I am totally with you on all of the above!

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