Approaching Goodbye (To My Room)

April is almost halfway over. And I'm kind of sad about it.

Why, you ask? Well, when April is over, that means it will only be three months until moving time. Yep. I'm moving. Not to a new state, or even to a new city. I will still be staying here in Tallahassee, but most likely in a new part of town.

Amber, Alyssa, and I have been roommates for almost two years now, and that's all about to change. Alyssa graduates and moves out of state to begin a new job in May, then Amber and I have until the end of July before we move into a new place. Amber and I will still be roommates which will be great, but also different because we won't have Alyssa and it will be in an entirely new house or apartment. This little townhouse has become our home sweet home. We are so settled in and the thought of having to leave is exciting, but also disappointing.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I stayed in bed for a while and just enjoyed being in the comfort of the bedroom I have called "mine" for the past two years. This is the room that has welcomed me home every evening for almost 24 months. When I moved into this room, I was such a different person than I am now. Not in a bad way at all, but I have definitely grown and learned a lot about myself since living in this room. It's kind of odd to think about.

Today, I thought I would share a few pictures of the room that has been my sanctuary. A lot of reading, writing, blogging, and late night roomie chats have taken place within these walls, and I don't ever want to forget about any of it.

Disclaimer: I am in no way an interior designer. I don't mind mix-matching, old furniture is actually preferable to new furniture for me, and I just use what I like. Spaces are for making your own, wouldn't you agree? And...believe it or not, my room actually is this clean about 97% of the time. Every now and then there will be a load of laundry in the floor, or the bed won't be made, but I am all about keeping it neat.

Here we are, greeted by my bedroom door. Amber crafted that "M" for me, and below it is my signed Switchfoot poster from the last concert I went to. My VIP pass for that concert is hanging on the door. What can I say? I love Switchfoot!

When you open the door, this is what you see!

My desk doubles as a TV stand. When we move, I'm hoping to find a solution to this. I was watching Home Alone 2 when I took these pictures. Such a great movie.

My desk has like a million functions. It houses my bill filing system, my TV and cable boxes, and other random things. The package is full of plastic envelopes I ordered for my Etsy shop. However, like a dummy, I ordered the wrong size so I need to send them back and swap them for the correct size. (Again, still watching Home Alone 2.) Also, I do sit at my desk to write or pay bills sometimes.

To the left of my desk is this wall, which houses a ton of things. The thing hanging on the wall is actually a jewelry box. It holds pictures, but I recently used map scrapbook paper to go with the "travel them" of my room. The Go 'Noles poster is self-explanatory. My friend Vaughn bought me the Eiffel Tower applique for graduation, and below that is my bookshelf and laundry basket.

As you can see, my bookshelf runneth over. I probably need a bigger one, but I am just really attached to this particular one because my Grandpa made it when he was in high school. Plus, I like the look of an overflowing bookshelf. Is that weird?

This is my favorite portion of the shelf. I have my Harry Potter books proudly displayed, next to my stack of Meg Cabot (my second favorite author) books. My Aunt Nancy bought me Bible verse print for Christmas, I thrift old musical records, and Amber made me the book that is standing open for my birthday. It has a lot of pictures and memories in it. The picture is an old guard picture from high school, and the jar holds old movie, concert, and musical ticket stubs.

If you turn left from my bookshelf, you get to the other half of the room. My bedding is a couple of years old, and it's from Walmart. The yellow bear on my bed is the one I was given the day I was born, and I bought the Snoopy at Kohl's, just because I love Snoopy.

I always keep whatever book I'm reading on my bed. I am ADDICTED to The Phantom of the Opera, and I have had that poster for years. My mom always jokes that I will probably be buried with it. She may be right. My bedside table is a vintage suitcase on top of an old piano bench. On that I have my remotes in a big coffee cup, my alarm clock, a couple of vintage poetry books, my laptop, my phone, and some other odds and ends. This is probably my favorite part of my room, just because I spend so much time sitting here writing/blogging, or sleeping of course.

My "To Read" stack is still out of control, because I keep buying new books to read before I can even make it through the ones I already have. It's a problem. The vintage suitcase, briefcase, and other boxes hold various things, like pictures and boxes of thank-you cards. I also use this as my charging station for my phone, camera, and laptop because the outlet is so easily accessible.

To the left is the last little part of the room, including the closet and my dresser. I still have my sorority paddle (from a Christian sorority, not a Greek one) hanging on the wall. On the back of the door are some more team guard pictures from back in the day, because I love them so much.

I told you I was addicted to Phantom of the Opera. You didn't believe me, did you? That jewelry box is one of my favorite things ever, and if I had to choose five things to grab in a fire, it would be one of them. The New York book box is empty I think, and the thing on top of it is a vintage train case. My mom mod podged the inside of it with travel themed scrapbook paper and I use it to keep all of my lotions/perfumes/body sprays/deodorant in. The tray just holds jewelry that I wear a a lot. (And excuse the reflection, I told you I love Snoopy!)

I may cry when the day that I have to pack all of this up comes. And then I will probably blog about crying, so be prepared for that. Please tell me I'm not the only person who develops unhealthy attachments to their bedroom?

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

You are so organized to fot so much, so neatly in your room! I hope you find an amazing new apartment that you two love. Moving can be a little stressful, but it is worth it in the end!

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

I love your room, it feels so comfy and homey. My favorite furniture things are old things too!!

So sad you have to move but I'm sure you'll make your new room just as inviting.

Nadine Lynn said...

Your room seems so comfy and homey! We have that same Snoopy from Kohls in our basement downstairs. Mu husband is a HUGE Snoopy fan!

I always got a little sad to leave certain apartments/roommates when I was younger. It seemed like the relationships would never be quite what they were without living together...but you always have the memories!!!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Love your room! It's awesome that you did this post so you can look back on it and reminisce in a few years! My mom loves snoopy too!

Amy said...

so fun! and those suitecases = love!
can't wait to see what you do with your new place, and as scary as change can be, it can also be really, really cool.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Very cute space! You've done a lot with it, girl! I know your new home will be just as wonderful, though! :)

Sara Blinder said...

Change is always a bit hard at first, but I'm sure you'll be able to make your new space your own too.

PS: I love Meg Cabot too!

Elizabeth at Southern Finesse said...

Change is difficult even when you're excited about it, you can't help but get nostalgic for a part of your life that is ending. Let the emotions go! Also, I love Snoopy too :)

The Rachael Way said...

Your room is great!! I really love it.

Halie @ Life in the Sunshine said...

I love all the old suitcases and that train case for your smell-good stuffs! So cute. And I'm totally with you on your book-related things: 1.) my "to-read" pile is over growing, and hardly ever shrinking, ad 2.)I love overflowing shelves, and shelves packed to the brim!

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