Moving Forward [Fiction on Friday Link-Up]

Happy Friday! We made it!

Today, I have the next segment of the Love in Retrospect series for you. I know a couple of people were upset with me for leaving them hanging last week. My apologies...really. Ha ha. It means the world to me that so many people are enjoying my stories!

Here are the past segments, just in case you need to get caught up! This is another one from Cody's point of view. It's actually not as difficult to write from a man's perspective as I anticipated!


Moving Forward

I still can't believe she agreed to do this. 

I can barely contain my grin as we creep down the dusty dirt road that leads to McMill's pasture. Darkness is coming on fast, but I choose to keep the headlights turned off in order to cause the least amount of distraction possible. I really want this evening to work out, and getting caught by that crazy old man McMill would ruin everything. 

She sits quietly in the passenger seat, clutching the blanket that she's holding just a little too tightly. Not a single word has escaped from her lips since we left her house. We had stopped there long enough to grab some necessities. I hadn't let her take too long for fear that she would change her mind. 

There are so many things that I want to say; so many hurts that I want to mend. She needs to know how sorry I am. She needs to know that I have thought of nothing but her since the day I moved to Seattle. She needs to know that the past does not have to equal the future. 

She is finally coming around. She is finally willing to listen to me, and I'm not going to let the opportunity slip through my fingers. 

Pulling off the road, I park the little red car in the ditch and cut the engine. The sounds of our nervous breathing mingle with the rising chirp of the crickets in the surrounding woods. I can sense that she is beginning to regret the decision to come here. When we are at her house, she can hide from me; moving from room to room to pretend she is busy. Out here, there is nothing and no one else to distract her. 

I open the door and hop out of the car before she can voice her doubts. Walking around to the passenger side, I pull her door open and grab the blanket from her lap. She looks up at me from the seat, no doubt hoping that I will read her face and offer to forget the plan to spend all night here. Instead of doing that, I extend a hand to help her out of the car. 

She ignores my offer and climbs out on her own. I saw that one coming, and I have to chuckle as she shuns me. Despite everything, I find her especially adorable when she is being hardheaded...and that only makes her more stubborn. 

"So, are you going to lead the way or not?" she asks, crossing her arms. 

I raise my eyebrows at her. 

"Well, well...I would normally say ladies first, but if you absolutely insist..."

I walk over to the fence and duck between two of the wooden planks. She does the same a couple of feet down from me. 

Scratching my head, I pretend to be confused. 

"Now, exactly what direction is our spot in?"

She sighs and stomps a few steps ahead of me. 

"Are you serious Cody? Just follow me." 

She never has been an expert on sarcasm. I stand there for a moment, watching her stalk into the darkness. Her long ponytails bounces against her back with each step forward. 

Tucking the blanket under my arm, I slide my hands into the pockets of my jeans and set off to catch up with her. My right hand makes contact with the velvet box that I have been neglecting since landing at the airport. I had taken a quick moment to grab it from my suitcase during our brief stop at her house. 

I'm not sure that tonight will be the right time, but it never hurts to be prepared. 

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Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Ahhhh a cliff hanger!!! This was totally worth coming back to my desk for after lunch. :)

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

A velvet box whaaat?! This is exciting, I love this story!

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