Ugh. I am so frustrated right now!

Would you believe that I just spent an hour and a half attempting to create a blog roll for my sidebar? I added my 20 favorite blogs to the list...FIVE DIFFERENT TIMES. Each time, Blogger told me they had been saved, and then when I would open the widget, POOF...they were gone! I have no idea what the deal is, but I'm not happy! This technological fault has actually ruined my plan for today's blog post, which was going to be discussing my new blog roll and introducing you to my favorite blogs. I suppose I will just have to do that at a later date.

Okay, rant over. Let's talk about some things that are going on currently. (And by currently I mean Tuesday night when I was writing this post. So...semi-currently maybe?)

A friend is over making us chicken enchiladas for dinner, so I'm watching him prepare those. Let me tell you, it smells like a fiesta in my house right now. I'm also watching Amber put dishes away from the dishwasher. I should probably offer to help shouldn't I? But...I'm blogging, so I guess I can't. (Ha ha.)

We have an old school music station on the TV, and the song that is playing is Nelly's "Ride Wit Me." Can you say middle school throwback? Why was I even allowed to listen to this in middle school? My parents must not have known about it, because I just can't foresee them thinking that this would be acceptable for a 12-year-old's ears.

About how frustrated I am that Blogger keeps deleting my blog roll! But I'm also glad that there are blog fads such as the "currently" posts that a girl can throw together last minute. Also, Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" just came on this station and I'm remembering how I used to lie in my room and listen to this song because I thought I knew things about life. Let me just tell you, I didn't know a DARN THING about life back then. When I really need to be emotional and listen to this song is right now. (Be back soon, gonna go get in touch with my emotions.)

Nothing at the moment, but you better believe that one of those chicken enchiladas will be making its way into my mouth within the next...oh...30 minutes or so. Are you jealous? Because I haven't even tasted them yet and I'm pretty sure you should be. And that's just based off of the smell, my friends.

Water, water, and more water. I'm very pro H2O.

As of right this second, I'm just reading what I'm typing. However, the book I'm reading as of recently is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Some of you noticed it in my beach pictures from yesterday, and told me how great it is. I'm enjoying it so far!

I have applied for several jobs lately and I'm really hoping to get a call for an interview for at least one of them. I need a change in terms of my day job so badly, and I'm having a very difficult time being patient while I'm waiting for it!

I'm really trying to focus on the good, and not put so much emphasis on the bad. So, right now I appreciate the fact that I have a steady job, a savings account, the ability to write and blog as my heart desires, and wonderful friends and family. I'm also about to be appreciating these enchiladas. On that note, I bid thee farewell.

Halie @ Life in the Sunshine said...

I am having the exact same issue creating one of those "grab my button" html boxes! I copied/edited/saved the html code probably 10 times on Saturday....check the "rich text" view, and things look great.... then once I save it and view the blog, it doesn't work!! Ugh. What the heck?! So believe me girl, I feel your frustration on that one!

Also, those chicken enchiladas sound delicious! I made bean enchiladas a couple weeks ago for Meatless Monday, and they were good, but we'd prefer them with some meat next time I make them :)

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

I just added a blog roll to one of my test blogs and it worked kind of. It added it like 12 times instead of just once. I'm going to go with it's a Blogger issue and try again later!

I saw that book you were reading in your IG last weekend, I want to read it now!

Sara Blinder said...

I loved "The Book Thief." It was a departure from my normal reading material, but it's one I was really glad I picked up.

Nadine Lynn said...

Blogger used to make me SO ANGRY sometimes!!! That is one of the reasons I switched to Wordpress!

Ride Wit Me!!! I listen to old school songs EVERY day in my car. They make me so darn happy! This song came out when I was in high school...make me feel all old.

Chicken enchiladas sound amazing right now! It is my favorite thing to order when I am eating Mexican!

Elizabeth at Southern Finesse said...

Blogger did the exact same thing to me when I created my blog roll! I must have put two of the blogs in there 10 times before it finally decided it would accept them. So weird and frustrating!

I can also feel you on the job search. I'm doing the same thing with possible plans in the work for August but that feels so far away and I'm impatient!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I truly hope your job situation improves, I have my fingers crossed for you! I am trying so hard to focus on the good lately too, and my blog helps with that because I don't want to seem like a Debbie Downer on it, but man is it hard to do when it seems like everything is bad and going wrong. And haha about the Nelly song.. my parents found my CD and listened to it one day when I was at the mall in middle school and they broke it in half and threw it away!!

Bekah @ re•solve said...

I so feel you on the job - good luck!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Oh man... setting up widgets and pages can be REALLY frustrating sometimes! My blogroll page completely disappeared the other day! I have no idea why... it was showing up in my dashboard but just not on my blog. I wanted to SCREAM!

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