I have written an average of two posts per week over the past month or so. I miss posting every day, but at the same time I'm enjoying placing a little more focus on other areas of my life. When you get into a hole, it's sometimes best to dig yourself out slowly. And after way too many weeks of letting myself be thrown around by depression and circumstances I can't control, I'm about half way out of that hole. Brighter light is ahead, smiling is becoming more frequent, and new things are in sight.

I apologize for lack of communication and replies to comments. If you have emailed/tweeted/wrote a comment to me lately, I promise I haven't forgotten about you! Trust me, responding to all of those things is very high on the to-do list that I have under construction right now.

Since I haven't been sharing as much lately, I thought today would be a good time to show some pictures and talk about something things that have been going on. It's always kind of interesting to reflect on everyday happenings...it's helps you realize everything that you are actually accomplishing even when you feel like nothing major is going on.

//Like I mentioned in my last post, I accepted a new job! I handed in my resignation letter last week, and I start my new job one week from tomorrow. Resigning from my current job was really bittersweet...I'm going to miss my coworkers like crazy!

//I have been re-watching the entire series of The Office on Netflix. I had forgotten how truly hilarious/brilliant the show is. Plus, I think it's even more hilarious since I have actually been working in an office environment for the past three years.

//I did some Mother's Day creating and made one of these for my mom, aunt, Granny, and Grandma. I framed them in some nice frames, and they loved them! I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Shame on me.

//Speaking of Mother's Day, I spent the past weekend at home with my family, and my Mama of course.

//I also spent some time with Sweet Sadie, who still thinks she's a lap dog even though she's pushing 80 pounds.

That's it for today's forecast. I'm going to go schedule a couple of more posts this week. I will get back into posting five days a week if it kills me! Okay, well maybe not if it kills me...but I really will try my hardest, ha ha.

Happy Monday!
Brittanylea02 said...

Sometimes you just need a break from blogging! It isn't everything :) Glad to see ya back!

I love that dog! One of mine thinks he is a lap dog and it is also like 80lbs! hahaha

Have a great week :)

Thirty Something Girl said...

Sometimes you need a break from the things you enjoy. It will be nice to have you back though!!! Good luck with the new job. Take Care xx

Sara Blinder said...

My Daisy thinks she's a lap dog too, luckily she's only about 30 pounds though.

Jules @ If I had 100 Dollars said...

Your dog is so cute!

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