Beautiful Differences

Sherriah, one of my best friends since childhood, posted some old pictures on Facebook today. A couple of them are highly embarrassing, so I'm not going to include them here, but I do like this one. I believe it's from our Junior year of high school. It makes me smile because it's the epitome of what her and I have always been. Her, the edgy, carefree girl, and me, the straight-laced girl in an appropriately conservative sweater.

We have always been two very different women, with two very different personalities. Yet...we had and still have a fabulous friendship. I honestly can't remember ever having a fight with this girl in the almost 20 years that I have known her. Despite our differences, we never once used them against each other. She is married and lives in Ohio with her husband now, so I see her once a year or so if I'm lucky. We will both admit that we are super bad at keeping in touch with one another, so we don't even really talk except for that rare time that we see each other in person. The cool thing is though, when we are together, we can talk and laugh and joke just like we have never been apart.

"Opposites attract" is such a true statement, even in the world of friendship. I am fortunate to have several extremely close friends in my life, and not a single one of them are anywhere close to being the same kind of person I am. I think we often classify "differences" as a negative thing. I think everyone, at some point in their life, has been guilty of cutting someone out of their life because they just "aren't on the same page." I'm not saying that is always a bad thing, but I also feel like we can sometimes be too quick to become impatient, and too lazy to really take into account the opinions and feelings of those that we are close to. I have witnessed many friendships ruined because of this, and while some broken friendships are necessary, there are others that are definitely worth salvaging.

I'm not really sure how that old picture of Sherriah and I led me off on this tangent, but it did. I guess it just has me thinking about how much I love all of my friends...both the ones that I have grown up with and the ones that I have only known for a few years or even a few months. I am thankful for their uniqueness, and their differences. Despite opposite opinions, and maybe even a few fights, I am so happy that they are who they are. Because honestly, if they were exactly like me, my life would have been extremely boring up to this point.

Stay golden, my friends.
Hima Rajana said...

IT's amazing the memories a simple photo can bring back! That's amazing that you have such a great friendship with her! I just saw one of my friends today, and we figured out that we've been friends for 10 years, which is a lot when you're only 16 :)

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

I love this! It's so hard for me to open up to people who are "different" from me. The introvert in me feels like we could never be friends because we are so different. I'm often worried I'll be judged for those differences. I need to do a better job of putting myself out there with people who are not at all like me, I just need to do a better job of putting myself out there period. :(

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I think I am pretty good and talking with people are who aren't very similar to me, but I usually don't have them as friends, and I don't really know why!

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