New Apartment Tour, Part 1: My Bedroom

It has been two weeks since the move, so I figured it is a good time to start sharing some pictures of the new space. The first room I'm going to show is my room. I'm pretty happy with the way it has turned out. I'm still not quite used to the new space. I still have a bit of a hard time sleeping just because it doesn't quite feel like "home" yet.

There are also a couple of differences in this room and my old room. First of all, my desk isn't in my room like it was at the old place. It is out in our common space. I also no longer have a TV in my room. It is out in the living room since our old one messed up. I'm okay with this though. I didn't watch a ton of TV in my room anyway, plus we got rid of cable to save money and are streaming Netflix and such to the TV via Google Chromecast. (Which is really cool, by the way.)

Overall, this room is much more open and filled with natural light than my old room was. The windows allow so much sunlight in that I never even turn the light on unless it's dark or overcast out. I also love the two windows above my bed. If you read the post where I shared my old room, I think you will agree that this one is overall much less cluttered.

Now, that I have finished rambling, I will jump into sharing the pictures. This is the view you're welcomed by when you walk in the door. When I was moving my furniture in, I had a really hard time deciding if I wanted my bed angled in the corner like it was in my old room, or below the windows. I decided to put it flat against the wall beneath the windows.

To the right is this wall, with my dresser, my Switchfoot poster, and two old guard pictures. Instead of bolting the mirror to the back of my dresser, I decided to lean it up so it is off-center. For some reason I just liked it better that way.

 My dresser holds my jewelry box, jewelry tray, and train case that houses my perfumes. It also wouldn't be complete without my Phantom picture. The mason jar is full of change, and my Bible and phone are there because that just happened to be the last place I sat them down.

This is my new bookshelf. You may have noticed it isn't the same one I had in my old room. I bought it for around $30 at Walmart, and put it together by myself...which was a bit of a pain, but worth every frustration and broken fingernail.

On my window sill I have the "M" that Amber made for me. It used to hang on the door at the old place, but I decided to do something different with it. Beside that is a plaque with Psalm 25:4-5 on it that my Aunt Nancy bought me for Christmas last year.

This corner houses my famous Phantom poster that has followed me from home to home over the past few years, and my bedside table/

The table holds my alarm clock, two vintage poetry books, a coaster, and the book I'm currently reading. (Bridget Jones's Diary, which is funnier than the movie.) Above the table is my FSU diploma.

To the left, on the other side of my bed, is the corner with my closet.

The little black stand used to hold all of our DVD's, but we don't need it for that anymore. Now, I'm using it to hold all of the books I haven't read yet. I also throw my purse up there most of the time.

And here is the inside of my closet, which is still kind of a mess. I'm using my old bookshelf to hold shoes. It's working out pretty well.


That's all I have to show for today. I'll be back with more very shortly! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Vicky Hunt said...
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Vicky Hunt said...

Love it and can't wait to come see it next weekend...:) Love you!


Kelli @Just Beachy said...

Your room is so big and bright, I love all the light coming in the windows!

Dawn @ Life in the Sack and Wisconsin Wilds said...

Very Nice. I loe your decorating. It reflects you and your wonderful nature perfectly.

Sam @ From East To West Coast said...

I can't get over how organized and neat you are!! It seems that every single thing has it's own place.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...


Justin Garrett said...

Great tour, Miranda! Your bedroom looks so cozy. Your bookshelf is epic, by the way. Plus, that vintage train case is adorable. Where exactly did you get it from? Also, that walk in closet is amazing. You definitely scored a grade A apartment. Thanks for giving us a tour! All the best! :)

Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes

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