New Apartment Tour, Part 2

Today, I am sharing another room in my new place. When getting ready to move in, the thing I was probably most excited about, apart from the size of the closet, was the size of the bathroom. It's the biggest one I have ever had, and it has so much storage space...including a linen closet, which is a complete lifesaver.
My bedroom used to have a slight NYC theme, and when I changed up the theme I saved some of the NY d├ęcor to use in my bathroom. None of it is a perfect match, but it works and I get a lot of compliments on it.
This first picture shows that the room itself is a pretty decent size. You can see my beloved linen closet to the right.


And this is what you see when you turn the corner. My Granny made the shower curtain for me a couple of years ago. She did a really amazing job. You can see a close up of it a couple of pictures down.

The little black table is one of my favorite furniture pieces. My mom and I found it at Goodwill when I first moved to Tallahassee. It was white, but my mom painted it black. I just love the detail on it. Also, I have a lot of nail polish. (Obviously.)

So I don't really think that people will ever actually read the books on the back of the toilet while they are in the bathroom...but you never know, right?

Here is an overview of the counter. There is more counter space than I know what to do with!

I used to have another cute little white glass container that I would have put my hair products in, but I dropped it on the floor and shattered it while I was unpacking. It was a side moment.

That white teacup is one of my favorite finds. I scored it at Ross for about $2.00. It is quite handy.

There you have it...part two of  my new place. The next, and final part of the tour will include the living room and our "creative spaces." Be looking for that post soon!
Kelli @Just Beachy said...

I love your bathroom, I need a little table like that for my bathroom!

I wish you and your mom lived closer, I want to share the most awesome thrift store ever with you guys! :)

Dawn @ Life in the Sack and Wisconsin Wilds said...

Seriously you have the cutest bathroom ever.

Dawn @ Life in the Sack and Wisconsin Wilds said...
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A Life Less Traveled said...

I love the decor of your bathroom.

mariellahunt.com said...

Your last name is Hunt?!
Mine too!

I just got really excited

Beverly Roberson said...

You've got an adorable apartment. I like the look of your bedroom, which is very you. I'm loving the look of your bathroom as well. The NYC-themed decor is uber cool. Thank you so much for sharing your apartment with us! Cheers!

Beverly Roberson @Texas Renters

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