In the Near Future...

Since turning 25 a few weeks ago, I have been doing a lot of thinking about things that I want to do. This isn't really a new concept for me. I mean, I constantly think about things that I want to do. However, those things are normally always on a "larger scale." You know what I mean...things like major travel plans, and career goals..."big" things. Over the past month, I have been thinking more about smaller things that I want to take part in.
As I travel further and further into my adult life, less and less of my time is spent doing things that I love to do. I work A LOT. Every day of the week, and a good majority of my weekends are spent at the office. Sure, I read and write, but those are things that are also done within the walls of my apartment. I want to get out more. I want to do more of the things that I used to LOVE doing. I want to be an adult, while still taking advantage of my youth.
So, I have compiled a list of fun stuff that I want to do over the next few months. I guess you could call it my first "bucket list" ever.
 -I want to go to more concerts. This is something I used to do every chance I got, and I really can't remember the last one I went to.
-I want to go to Orlando and go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter, and even though I live in Florida I have never been to the Wizarding World.
-I want to go on a "me"cation. In other words, I want to drive somewhere and spend a weekend...by myself. I know, that probably sounds awful to most of you. But, I think it sounds fantastic.
-I want to see more shows. I used to go to plays and other shows whenever possible. The last musical I saw was West Side Story two years ago. I want to start keeping an eye on all of the performing arts centers here in town and go to shows whenever the opportunity arises.
-I want to take more pictures. There was a time that I used to have an overabundance of memories in the form of photographs. And not on my cell phone, but on an actual camera.
-I want to try new recipes. I really want to learn how to enjoy cooking and baking. And with Pinterest at hand and the holiday season approaching...is there really any better time to learn?
-I want to appreciate myself to the point that I am not afraid to try out clothes and accessories that I wouldn't normally wear. I want to build a confidence in my appearance.
-I want to enjoy every simple second of my life. I want to be able to love the days that I am sitting in my office just as much as the days that I am free to do as I please.
What are some things that you want to do in the near future?
Vicky Hunt said...

Love this....and love you!

Always, Mama

Claire Pridgeon said...

All sounds great to me! Can I copy the list? Blessing on you as you continue ...

Kelli @Just Beachy said...

Harry Potter world is worth the trip, I can't wait to get back now that they've finished all the additions.

I think a me-cation sounds heavenly!! I never ever get whole weekend me-cations, usually only a few hours. I enjoy ever second of my few hours.

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