I've been thinking a lot about my downfalls lately.

They are something that we all have, and while they are typically discussed in a negative connotation, I can't help but think that they ultimately play a positive role in our lives. There is a crazy amount of human beings on this planet we call home, and not a single one of us are perfect. Am I the only person who finds that fact refreshing?

We all have our strengths, and we all have our weaknesses. If we all had the same balance of those two things, the world would be a pretty unbalanced place, right? Think about it...we need pessimists in order to have optimists. We need outgoing people in order to have introverts. We need logical people in order to have daydreamers.

If we were all somehow all of these things wrapped up into one package, we would have no need for other human beings. We would have no one to lift us up, and we would not be able to lift others up in their times of need. There would be no need for friendships. No need for family. No need for relationships.

Today, I admit that...

I'm extremely forgetful.

I have social anxiety.

I take things too personally.

I have to fight away a lot of negativity in order to be a positive person.

And...I'm okay with those things. Sure, they're annoying. Sure, I strive to correct the issues every day. However, I'm not going to stress my downfalls. Because I have some pretty amazing people in my life to balance me out and bring me back down to earth, and I will always be there when they need someone to do the same.

Vicky Hunt said...

Love this...:) I had such a fun time this weekend. I love you!


Noor Unnahar said...

I couldn't agree more. Imperfections are needed in this world in order to make it more livable .

Nathaly Juarez said...

Everyone has downfalls but it all has to with how you take it. I'm glad you have such a positive outlook on this subject.

Kind regards,

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