"All this pain
I wonder if I'll ever find my way
I wonder if my life could really change at all
All this earth
Could all that is lost ever be found
Could a garden come up from this ground at all"
-Beautiful Things by Gungor
Over the past couple of days, these lyrics have been running through my head nonstop. They so accurately describe how I have been feeling lately. For, while I manage to occupy my mind and remain happy a good portion of the time, there are still so many hours that I spend asking myself...am I ever going to find my way?
My anxiety has a chokehold on my life, and despite my attempts, I can't seem to loosen its grip. Anxiety has been controlling me for as long as I can remember, and it is exhausting. Feelings of happiness and moments of being care-free are becoming rare, and even when those moments do come, they are cut short by the entrance of another round of worries. I'm having a really difficult time handling even the simplest of every day issues. I'm on edge all the time, and the tiniest problem can make my heart race to the point that I can hear it beating in my ears.
I just want to know what it feels like to be able to handle worry in a rational way. There are so many times during the day that I have to fight back panic, push away the urge to pull out my hair, and seclude myself to take deep breaths and verbally tell myself to calm down. There is a 30 pound weight of anxiety on my shoulders at all times. I'm so tired of feeling this way. I feel guilty for feeling this way. I don't want to feel this way.
During the past few months, I have been in this mindset that change is the only way to alter the way that I'm feeling about life; the only way that I'm finally going to feel like I am accomplished enough. What I didn't think about though, is how the failure to accomplish change would make me feel. The majority of my attempts to make changes have fell through, and with each failed attempt, I get beat deeper and deeper into my anxiety-filled hole. Depression is the only way that I know how to handle negativity, and saying that makes me angry with myself, because I have always believed that my faith is stronger than that.
And you know what? My faith really is stronger than that. Because, despite everything I just said, I do believe that all that is lost will be found...just like it says in those lyrics up there. I have no doubt about it.


Blogged Up

Well, hey there. Remember me? I'm the writer of this here blog. Or, at least I was before I disappeared for a week and a half. Do I need to re-introduce myself or are we good? I'm just going to assume that we're good.

So, what was intended to be a one day blogging break somehow multiplied...by like nine days. Just like any other consistent blogger, I kicked myself every day that went by without a new post. However, I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy not having to worry about scheduling new posts out for the week. Blogging is hard work. Some of the most enjoyable hard work I have ever experienced, but still hard work nonetheless. Sometimes us bloggers don't realize how truly "blogged up" our brains are. Our minds are constantly consumed with thoughts of content, page views, replying to other bloggers, and commenting on posts other than our own. It can become overwhelming, especially if blogging is your "second job," and you depend on keeping up with it in your free time.

Miranda Writes (formerly Young, and In Progress) has been in existence for nearly a year and a half. That's a pretty decent time period. During last week's hiatus, I realized that I don't even remember how it feels to not be a blogger. When you are a blogger, your life kind of revolves around what you're going to post about. Everyday life stops being "life" and becomes potential writing content. It's easy to become obsessed with picking out thoughts, events, pictures, and stories that are "blog worthy." And, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I actually think it's a great thing, because one day when I'm old and gold I can look back at this little internet space and see visuals of all of my favorite memories. However, even good things need a little break, and that's why I decided to disappear for a bit.

So what have I been up to over the past couple of weeks? I have been spending lots of time with my friends, enjoying the beautiful warm weather, working on projects for Miranda [Hand]writes, and focusing on appreciating the good and brushing away the bad. A lot of change is popping up in my life lately...and I will elaborate on that at a later date.

Also, here are the three winners of the giveaway I threw for my Etsy shop opening. I will be emailing you all soon to find out what print you want and get your addresses! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Amanda from Voyage of the MeeMee
Elizabeth from Southern Finesse
Nadine from Life by Nadine Lynn


Taking a Break Today...But Here's Some Coldplay

Magic by Coldplay

Atlas by Coldplay

Have a great Thursday!


5 Things I Can't Live Without

We all have things that we depend on just a little too heavily. As women, we become pretty particular, and therefore addicted to items that we think we need, even if they are just a luxury. Today, I thought I would be a little dramatic and share a few items that I feel are crucial to my ability to function.

1. T-shirts.
If you know me well, you know that I am a super casual person. If I'm not at work or church, I am most likely in a t-shirt of some kind. I own about 20 different FSU t-shirts alone. My favorite though, are these vintage v-neck tees from Old Navy. They are so soft, and ridiculously comfortable. Yet, they are still a little fitted so they are great to dress up too! I have five or six of these particular shirts in different colors.

2. Sea salt spray.
I have wavy hair. Growing up, I fought it tooth and nail by straightening the absolute mess out of it. Over the past couple of years, I have learned how to embrace my natural hair. Not only is it healthier, but I get compliments on it a lot. Sea salt spray works wonders for naturally wavy hair! Regardless of whether I blow dry it, diffuse it, or let it air dry, it still makes it look great. My favorites are the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe texturizing spray, and the Loreal Tousle Waves spray.

3. Sandals.
Sandals are the best shoes ever, are they not? I'm not going to lie, I sometimes wear them even in the winter. Of course, I live in Florida so it normally works out okay. Simple, strappy sandals that go with anything are my fave. I'm loving these from Target.

4. Facial Toner
I have oily skin and I am constantly striving for the perfect skin-care routine to counteract the issue. Something I do not go a day without using is toner. It is refreshing and does a really good job of giving that "deep clean" feeling. For the past few months I have been using the Olay Oil Minimizing toner and it is great. I also really like the Dickinsons Witch Hazel toners.

5. A Good Body Mist
The PINK Fresh and Clean body mist has been my holy grail product since the day it came out. It smells SO GOOD. Whenever I use a bottle up, I run out and buy a new one. It's perfect, and I use it all year round. I don't have words to describe how nice the scent is. You will just have to go smell it for yourself!

What are some things that you can't live without?

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway that I announced yesterday! You have through Friday evening to do so.


Miranda [Hand]writes Grand Opening (And a Giveaway!)

I accomplished a goal over the weekend.

One of my resolutions for 2014 was to use my handwriting skills to create things and open an Etsy shop. Well, after a couple of months of playing around with ideas, Miranda [Hand]writes is officially open! There are currently ten items available for sale, as well as the option to create a custom print.

I'm really excited about this little endeavor. I always love seeing people use their talents to create things. I think it will be really enjoyable, especially as I continue to try new things. I don't expect to generate much income from this shop, but the money that I do earn will be put aside in a savings fund for future publishing expenses. My book is coming together quickly, and I want to make sure that I'm ready to foot any bills that may be required when I get ready to attempt to publish.

All of the items in my shop are "handwritten prints." Each print is completely unique and made especially to order. I love words in every way, shape and form possible. I will continue to add inspirational prints to my shop, and if you or anyone you know has a request for a specific quote, phrase, or word, I would love to do that as well. These prints are great for everything from gallery wall additions to a little desktop inspiration.

In order to celebrate this accomplishment, I have decided to do a giveaway here on the blog. Several of you have  been keeping up with my process of working on this project, and I just want to say thank you! Three winners will have the option of choosing one of the prints below. The "Books Equals Love" print and the "I'm Totally Blogging About This" print are my two favorites, and I couldn't decide which one to use as the giveaway prize. So, I'm letting the winners choose whatever one they prefer!

You don't have to do anything fancy to enter to win. You don't even have to be a follower of my blog! (Of course, I would love to have you around though, ha ha.) All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, telling me what written words mean to you. Do they inspire you? Do they give you a new frame of mind? Whatever it is you love about words, I want to know! You will earn an entry for your comment, and then I will choose the three winners by using a random number generator. It's that simple! I will be taking comment entries through Friday night, and I will announce and contact the winners on Monday!

Good luck, and thank you! :)

Click HERE to shop Miranda [Hand]writes


Approaching Goodbye (To My Room)

April is almost halfway over. And I'm kind of sad about it.

Why, you ask? Well, when April is over, that means it will only be three months until moving time. Yep. I'm moving. Not to a new state, or even to a new city. I will still be staying here in Tallahassee, but most likely in a new part of town.

Amber, Alyssa, and I have been roommates for almost two years now, and that's all about to change. Alyssa graduates and moves out of state to begin a new job in May, then Amber and I have until the end of July before we move into a new place. Amber and I will still be roommates which will be great, but also different because we won't have Alyssa and it will be in an entirely new house or apartment. This little townhouse has become our home sweet home. We are so settled in and the thought of having to leave is exciting, but also disappointing.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I stayed in bed for a while and just enjoyed being in the comfort of the bedroom I have called "mine" for the past two years. This is the room that has welcomed me home every evening for almost 24 months. When I moved into this room, I was such a different person than I am now. Not in a bad way at all, but I have definitely grown and learned a lot about myself since living in this room. It's kind of odd to think about.

Today, I thought I would share a few pictures of the room that has been my sanctuary. A lot of reading, writing, blogging, and late night roomie chats have taken place within these walls, and I don't ever want to forget about any of it.

Disclaimer: I am in no way an interior designer. I don't mind mix-matching, old furniture is actually preferable to new furniture for me, and I just use what I like. Spaces are for making your own, wouldn't you agree? And...believe it or not, my room actually is this clean about 97% of the time. Every now and then there will be a load of laundry in the floor, or the bed won't be made, but I am all about keeping it neat.

Here we are, greeted by my bedroom door. Amber crafted that "M" for me, and below it is my signed Switchfoot poster from the last concert I went to. My VIP pass for that concert is hanging on the door. What can I say? I love Switchfoot!

When you open the door, this is what you see!

My desk doubles as a TV stand. When we move, I'm hoping to find a solution to this. I was watching Home Alone 2 when I took these pictures. Such a great movie.

My desk has like a million functions. It houses my bill filing system, my TV and cable boxes, and other random things. The package is full of plastic envelopes I ordered for my Etsy shop. However, like a dummy, I ordered the wrong size so I need to send them back and swap them for the correct size. (Again, still watching Home Alone 2.) Also, I do sit at my desk to write or pay bills sometimes.

To the left of my desk is this wall, which houses a ton of things. The thing hanging on the wall is actually a jewelry box. It holds pictures, but I recently used map scrapbook paper to go with the "travel them" of my room. The Go 'Noles poster is self-explanatory. My friend Vaughn bought me the Eiffel Tower applique for graduation, and below that is my bookshelf and laundry basket.

As you can see, my bookshelf runneth over. I probably need a bigger one, but I am just really attached to this particular one because my Grandpa made it when he was in high school. Plus, I like the look of an overflowing bookshelf. Is that weird?

This is my favorite portion of the shelf. I have my Harry Potter books proudly displayed, next to my stack of Meg Cabot (my second favorite author) books. My Aunt Nancy bought me Bible verse print for Christmas, I thrift old musical records, and Amber made me the book that is standing open for my birthday. It has a lot of pictures and memories in it. The picture is an old guard picture from high school, and the jar holds old movie, concert, and musical ticket stubs.

If you turn left from my bookshelf, you get to the other half of the room. My bedding is a couple of years old, and it's from Walmart. The yellow bear on my bed is the one I was given the day I was born, and I bought the Snoopy at Kohl's, just because I love Snoopy.

I always keep whatever book I'm reading on my bed. I am ADDICTED to The Phantom of the Opera, and I have had that poster for years. My mom always jokes that I will probably be buried with it. She may be right. My bedside table is a vintage suitcase on top of an old piano bench. On that I have my remotes in a big coffee cup, my alarm clock, a couple of vintage poetry books, my laptop, my phone, and some other odds and ends. This is probably my favorite part of my room, just because I spend so much time sitting here writing/blogging, or sleeping of course.

My "To Read" stack is still out of control, because I keep buying new books to read before I can even make it through the ones I already have. It's a problem. The vintage suitcase, briefcase, and other boxes hold various things, like pictures and boxes of thank-you cards. I also use this as my charging station for my phone, camera, and laptop because the outlet is so easily accessible.

To the left is the last little part of the room, including the closet and my dresser. I still have my sorority paddle (from a Christian sorority, not a Greek one) hanging on the wall. On the back of the door are some more team guard pictures from back in the day, because I love them so much.

I told you I was addicted to Phantom of the Opera. You didn't believe me, did you? That jewelry box is one of my favorite things ever, and if I had to choose five things to grab in a fire, it would be one of them. The New York book box is empty I think, and the thing on top of it is a vintage train case. My mom mod podged the inside of it with travel themed scrapbook paper and I use it to keep all of my lotions/perfumes/body sprays/deodorant in. The tray just holds jewelry that I wear a a lot. (And excuse the reflection, I told you I love Snoopy!)

I may cry when the day that I have to pack all of this up comes. And then I will probably blog about crying, so be prepared for that. Please tell me I'm not the only person who develops unhealthy attachments to their bedroom?


6 A.M.

It's 6:00 A.M. on a Sunday morning, and I have been sitting awake for nearly an hour. 

Why does sleep not come soundly lately? Better yet, why doesn't it come on days that I am actually able to sleep in? 

Maybe I'm still running on yesterday's fumes. I was up before 8:00, and by 12:00 I had deep cleaned my room and bathroom, took photos and uploaded them, and opened my Etsy shop for the first time. (There is more about this coming on Tuesday, but for now you can click over and check it out here. I also scheduled blog posts through Thursday, and ran errands. It was the most productive Saturday I have had in a good while. 

Maybe I'm just too uncomfortable to sleep. Remember that sunburn I got last weekend?

Well, it has officially turned into an itchy, peeling mess. No amount of lotion is helping at this point in time. If you have ever had a bad sunburn, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Also, dead skin is GROSS. It has no mercy and it clings to everything. I'm sorry if that was too much information, but it has reached a very frustrating point. 

I really just want to get up and start my day, but it isn't even 6:30 and I have nothing to do or nowhere to be until church at 11:00. I think I'll find something to watch on Netflix. Yeah...that sounds like a solution. 

What do you do when you have trouble sleeping? 


Moving Forward [Fiction on Friday Link-Up]

Happy Friday! We made it!

Today, I have the next segment of the Love in Retrospect series for you. I know a couple of people were upset with me for leaving them hanging last week. My apologies...really. Ha ha. It means the world to me that so many people are enjoying my stories!

Here are the past segments, just in case you need to get caught up! This is another one from Cody's point of view. It's actually not as difficult to write from a man's perspective as I anticipated!


Moving Forward

I still can't believe she agreed to do this. 

I can barely contain my grin as we creep down the dusty dirt road that leads to McMill's pasture. Darkness is coming on fast, but I choose to keep the headlights turned off in order to cause the least amount of distraction possible. I really want this evening to work out, and getting caught by that crazy old man McMill would ruin everything. 

She sits quietly in the passenger seat, clutching the blanket that she's holding just a little too tightly. Not a single word has escaped from her lips since we left her house. We had stopped there long enough to grab some necessities. I hadn't let her take too long for fear that she would change her mind. 

There are so many things that I want to say; so many hurts that I want to mend. She needs to know how sorry I am. She needs to know that I have thought of nothing but her since the day I moved to Seattle. She needs to know that the past does not have to equal the future. 

She is finally coming around. She is finally willing to listen to me, and I'm not going to let the opportunity slip through my fingers. 

Pulling off the road, I park the little red car in the ditch and cut the engine. The sounds of our nervous breathing mingle with the rising chirp of the crickets in the surrounding woods. I can sense that she is beginning to regret the decision to come here. When we are at her house, she can hide from me; moving from room to room to pretend she is busy. Out here, there is nothing and no one else to distract her. 

I open the door and hop out of the car before she can voice her doubts. Walking around to the passenger side, I pull her door open and grab the blanket from her lap. She looks up at me from the seat, no doubt hoping that I will read her face and offer to forget the plan to spend all night here. Instead of doing that, I extend a hand to help her out of the car. 

She ignores my offer and climbs out on her own. I saw that one coming, and I have to chuckle as she shuns me. Despite everything, I find her especially adorable when she is being hardheaded...and that only makes her more stubborn. 

"So, are you going to lead the way or not?" she asks, crossing her arms. 

I raise my eyebrows at her. 

"Well, well...I would normally say ladies first, but if you absolutely insist..."

I walk over to the fence and duck between two of the wooden planks. She does the same a couple of feet down from me. 

Scratching my head, I pretend to be confused. 

"Now, exactly what direction is our spot in?"

She sighs and stomps a few steps ahead of me. 

"Are you serious Cody? Just follow me." 

She never has been an expert on sarcasm. I stand there for a moment, watching her stalk into the darkness. Her long ponytails bounces against her back with each step forward. 

Tucking the blanket under my arm, I slide my hands into the pockets of my jeans and set off to catch up with her. My right hand makes contact with the velvet box that I have been neglecting since landing at the airport. I had taken a quick moment to grab it from my suitcase during our brief stop at her house. 

I'm not sure that tonight will be the right time, but it never hurts to be prepared. 

Have fiction from the past week that you would like to share? How about anything fiction-related? Add a button to your post, and link up below!

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Step Away

I went off-shore fishing when I was in Clearwater Beach this past weekend. It was grand.

I have to be honest with you though...the actual fishing isn't my favorite part. Sure, it's fun (and eventually tasty) to reel up some grouper and grunt. It's also fun to partake in a little bit of trash talking, because really, what is an activity without a little bit of competition? However, the act of catching the fish is just a very small portion of why I enjoy going. 

In reality, I LOVE being on the boat. I love loading up, riding away, and watching the shore become less and less obvious to the eye. I love the speed, I love how the water sprays up behind the boat, and I love how the wind attacks every single part of you. I love being carried out to sea, where all of the hustle and bustle of life on dry land ceases to exist. When you're out on the open water, there is nothing to be distracted by. There is nothing to worry about. 

Sometimes, when life gets too stressful, you just have to step away from it all. I don't necessarily mean that you literally have to get on a boat and drive 12 miles off of the shore, but the concept itself is key. Every now and then, you simply have to give yourself time to breathe; time to disconnect. It can make all of the difference. Live your life, but don't forget to give your brain time to recuperate...even if it's just for a few minutes.

P.S. Sorry for the overabundance of pictures!

P.P.S. I have a job interview today at 11:00. I would really appreciate any thoughts/prayers/good vibes that you have lying around! :)



Ugh. I am so frustrated right now!

Would you believe that I just spent an hour and a half attempting to create a blog roll for my sidebar? I added my 20 favorite blogs to the list...FIVE DIFFERENT TIMES. Each time, Blogger told me they had been saved, and then when I would open the widget, POOF...they were gone! I have no idea what the deal is, but I'm not happy! This technological fault has actually ruined my plan for today's blog post, which was going to be discussing my new blog roll and introducing you to my favorite blogs. I suppose I will just have to do that at a later date.

Okay, rant over. Let's talk about some things that are going on currently. (And by currently I mean Tuesday night when I was writing this post. So...semi-currently maybe?)

A friend is over making us chicken enchiladas for dinner, so I'm watching him prepare those. Let me tell you, it smells like a fiesta in my house right now. I'm also watching Amber put dishes away from the dishwasher. I should probably offer to help shouldn't I? But...I'm blogging, so I guess I can't. (Ha ha.)

We have an old school music station on the TV, and the song that is playing is Nelly's "Ride Wit Me." Can you say middle school throwback? Why was I even allowed to listen to this in middle school? My parents must not have known about it, because I just can't foresee them thinking that this would be acceptable for a 12-year-old's ears.

About how frustrated I am that Blogger keeps deleting my blog roll! But I'm also glad that there are blog fads such as the "currently" posts that a girl can throw together last minute. Also, Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" just came on this station and I'm remembering how I used to lie in my room and listen to this song because I thought I knew things about life. Let me just tell you, I didn't know a DARN THING about life back then. When I really need to be emotional and listen to this song is right now. (Be back soon, gonna go get in touch with my emotions.)

Nothing at the moment, but you better believe that one of those chicken enchiladas will be making its way into my mouth within the next...oh...30 minutes or so. Are you jealous? Because I haven't even tasted them yet and I'm pretty sure you should be. And that's just based off of the smell, my friends.

Water, water, and more water. I'm very pro H2O.

As of right this second, I'm just reading what I'm typing. However, the book I'm reading as of recently is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Some of you noticed it in my beach pictures from yesterday, and told me how great it is. I'm enjoying it so far!

I have applied for several jobs lately and I'm really hoping to get a call for an interview for at least one of them. I need a change in terms of my day job so badly, and I'm having a very difficult time being patient while I'm waiting for it!

I'm really trying to focus on the good, and not put so much emphasis on the bad. So, right now I appreciate the fact that I have a steady job, a savings account, the ability to write and blog as my heart desires, and wonderful friends and family. I'm also about to be appreciating these enchiladas. On that note, I bid thee farewell.


Wash Away the Worries

During this past weekend, I realized something about the beach: It's literally the perfect place for relaxing not only your body, but your mind as well.

Friday, while I was lying on the sand soaking up some sun on a perfect spring day, I was more at peace than I had been in weeks. It wasn't necessarily because I wasn't letting myself think. In fact, I may have been thinking about things more than usual, but I was able to look at them in a more positive mindset. The setting of surf and sand had such a way of allowing me to ponder and reflect on some stresses, while also providing me with the comfort that change really is ahead, and amazing things are coming. 

I felt like my worries were being washed away by the same waves that were lapping onto the shore just a few yards away from my sand-covered feet. And, guess what? I was actually willing to let the worries go. For once, I didn't attempt to hold onto them...I just let them be carried out to sea. It was refreshing. 

How do you let go of your worries? Where are your places of relaxation? 


Just a Few More Days?

Well, my long weekend is already over. Can I pretty please just have a few more days? I just want a bit more time to enjoy the sand and the sun and the water. I can't? I have to go back to work now? Oh...well, okay then.

All whining aside, I really did have a nice little mini vacation down in the St. Pete/Clearwater Beach area. Florida is such a beautiful state, and I love living here! It always amazes me that a short car ride can bring me right to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I will be sharing more pictures as the week goes on. I have a camera full of them! Today though, I just wanted to pop in to do a short recap through Instagram pictures. By the way, you should follow me @mirandamhunt. Instagram is my most favorite social media app, and I love following and meeting new people!

//Lunch at the Palm Pavilion on Friday. I had the coconut shrimp with marmalade dipping sauce. It was divine...and I don't even like coconut!

//Beach essentials...sandals, a giant beach towel, a good book, and some trusty sunblock.

//We found a perfect little lemonade stand while walking around Clearwater Beach. Lemonade just tastes so much better when you're near the water. 

//Friday night we drove down to the boat dock to catch some bait for the next day's fishing trip. The setting was so tranquil as the sun was going down, and you could barely see the lights of Clearwater Beach in the distance. 

//Up bright and early for a day of fishing! Preparing to hop on board and head out. It was a gorgeous morning. 

//Eight hours on a boat left me with my first sunburn of the year. My face managed to stay protected pretty well, but by arms, shoulders, and back are a different story. Hopefully frequent use of my after sun lotion will eventually transform this into a tan. 

How was your weekend? Did you have some nice spring weather to enjoy?

Also, my post that I had scheduled for last Friday obviously didn't post. My apologies, because I had promised you all a new edition of Fiction on Friday. Originally, I thought Blogger had some sort of malfunction, but it was actually me who made the stupid mistake of just saving the post as a draft when I thought I had scheduled it. I guess I was so anxious to get to the beach that I momentarily lost my blogging abilities. Regardless, it will definitely, without a doubt, but up this Friday. Just thought that deserved an explanation!

Happy Monday! 


The Packing Struggle: An Inner Monologue

My friends...I am in a phenomenal mood today! I am taking the day off tomorrow, so today is technically my Friday. Why did I take tomorrow off, you ask? Well...my roommate Amber and I are taking a little mini vacation down to the St. Petersburg area. We are going to have three days full of sun, sand, beach time, and deep sea fishing. And the best part of it all? Absolutely no stress or anxiety is invited! We are leaving as soon as both of us get off work today. Excited is an understatement right now. I am so looking forward to it. 

Last night, as I was getting stuff ready for the trip, I had a thought. That thought was this: While I love traveling and going on trips, I sure do hate to pack for them. Seriously, is there anyone out there who gets some sort of strange pleasure out of packing? The worry of forgetting something, combined with the attempt to not over-pack, is just infuriating! As women, I feel like we have some pretty crazy thoughts while we are packing bags for trips. So, I thought I would share a little of my crazy today. Here is a little look inside of "packing brain."

Oh my gosh Miranda, tomorrow is your Friday! Are you excited?! Even better...in less than 48 hours you will be on the beach! 

Let's go to the beach-each...oh wow, I love that Nicki Minaj song. I should listen to it while I pack...I need some music to entertain me anyway! 

*Grabs laptop to look up Nicki Minaj song and gets distracted by YouTube for 20 minutes.*

Oops...okay, that's enough funny cat videos, I really need to pack. 

*Opens closet*

What bag should I use? The green suitcase? The purple duffle bag? Probably the purple duffle...the suitcase is too big. Now, where is it? Oh...it's on the stinking top shelf? I can't reach up there without the step stool. But the step stool is all the way downstairs. Maybe if I stand on my tippy toes...

*Knocks a million things off of the middle shelf*

Okay, I guess I'll just go get the stool. 

*Runs downstairs and comes back to retrieve the duffle bag*

Okay, great. Now, what all should I pack? I need lots of laid back beachy clothes, but I also need some nicer clothes. Wait, where are my khaki shorts? I really need those. Oh, that sundress is dirty too? Am I really going to have to do laundry? I REALLY DON'T WANT TO DO LAUNDRY. But that new shirt is dirty too and I really want to take that. UGH...I guess I will do the laundry. 

*Flops down on the bed and spends twenty minutes thinking about starting laundry before finally starting it*

Well, what else can I pack besides the stuff that is being washed? Where are all of my shorts? Maybe I can take some that I haven't worn in a while. Oooohhh...I love these! I completely forgot about them. I wonder if they still fit?

*tries shorts on*

Score. New summer, same old shorts. Which means no weight gain. That's a good thing, right? Too bad my legs are so white though. Hopefully they will get some sun this weekend. 

Oh! I need sunblock. I think it's under the sink. I have four different bottles of sunscreen...why do I have four different bottles? Oh well, I will just take whatever one smells the best. 

*Flips open sunblock and squirts sunscreen in eye while attempting to smell it*

Holy....cow! That stuff burns. It's like acid! Is this stuff even safe to put on your body? Seriously...oh my gosh. 

Do I need any shoes besides sandals? I hope not. I refuse to wear anything that isn't a sandal this weekend. So glad I got a pedicure last week. Wait, is my pedicure chipping already? Is this for real? I paid $30 for my nails to chips just a few days later? Why does nail polish even chip? Does it have to be inevitable? Maybe I'll invent some sort of new super nail polish that NEVER chips. That could be sort of gross though. Nevermind. 

Ugh...where is that t-shirt at? No, I don't want to take one of my other hundred tees...I want this particular one. Wait, did my music stop? How long has it been off? I can't function without some sort of background noise. 

*Surfs on YouTube for another 20 minutes and sees an ad for toothpaste*

Oh wow, I haven't even began to think about toiletries! I need shampoo and conditioner and my toothbrush and toothpaste and face wash and body wash and leave-in conditioner and sea salt spray and makeup. And deodorant. And perfume! Do I need a razor? Should I take one just in case?

*Looks down at legs*

My legs are prickly! When did that happen? Ugh...this means I'm going to have to shave tonight or in the morning. I DON'T WANT TO. It's not even summer yet and I'm tired of shaving. Maybe I won't worry about it for this weekend...the beach won't be crowded, right? It's okay for them to get a little prickly. Oh, who am I kidding? Just shave your legs, Miranda. 

Maybe I'll just pack after my laundry is done. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Actually, I'll just do it in the morning. Oh perfect, I'll be much more productive early in the morning, right? 

*Drops empty duffle bag on the floor*

Folks, please tell me that I'm not the only person who has this problem. Don't worry though, my bags got packed...eventually. It's just so hard. So hard. 

I'm signing off for the weekend! Don't worry though, I do have a new Fiction on Friday segment scheduled to post tomorrow. Make sure to come check out what happens with Riley and Cody! Happy Thursday. :)


A Day in the Life

"Day in the life" type posts have been circulating around over the past couple of weeks. Initially, I had told myself that there is nothing even slightly entertaining about my day to day activities, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it anyway. So, here we are...a week day in the world of Miranda. 

6:00 AM
Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

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6:10 AM

6:20 AM
Snooze. Again.

6:30 AM
Get up. Just kidding...snooze.

6:40 AM
This is getting embarrassing, but...snooze. 

6:50 AM
Get up. No, seriously this time.

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6:55 AM
Shower. Brush teeth. Hair. Makeup. Deodorant. Get dressed. Jewelry. Perfume. In that precise order...except extremely rushed.

7:35 AM
Go downstairs and find stuff to pack for lunch. This normally includes canned soup, an apple, and a granola bar. Sometimes I substitute a frozen Lean Cuisine for the soup. I also fill my Tervis up with ice water, and sometimes grab something for breakfast. I'm not much of a breakfast eater though. (I know, I know...breakfast is the most important meal of the day.)

7:40 AM
Grab my keys off of the hook, get in my car, hit the road, and fight some lovely traffic all the way across town. Oh, and sometimes cry in anticipation of the work day. But only sometimes. 

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8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Work, work, work, work, work.

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12:00 PM to 12:30 PM (Or 1 PM, depending on how long of a lunch I take)
FOOD. I usually shut my office door and take advantage of the quiet time to be antisocial for a bit. I need rejuvenation! Plus I'm usually starving and don't want people to see me stuffing my face.

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12:30 PM (or 1 PM) to 4:30 PM (or 5 PM)
More work, of course! 

4:30 PM (or 5 PM)
Work is over, and I have declared FREEDOM! Then I drive home.

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6:00 PM
Every day is a little different after 5. Sometimes I have my Dave Ramsey class. Sometimes I have Bible study. Some days I exercise. Sometimes I have plans with friends. If I don't have anything to do, which is most days, I come home and spend the evening writing, blogging, working on calligraphy, or catching up on any TV shows I watch. Dinner also falls in here somewhere. 

10:00 PM
Put on pajamas, wash my face, brush my teeth, and spend a few minutes reading or finishing up a blog post. 

10:30 PM
My favorite part of the day...sleep! Goodnight world!

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