A New Place to Be Alone

Every now and then, a thought will pop into my head that automatically leads to another thought. And then another. And then another. As a writer, I love these moments. I always find myself repeating the sentences as I rush to turn my computer on and place them into a text box. 

The majority of the time, this happens as a result of me being depressed, or upset, or anxious. Therefore, what is created tends to be a bit on the darker side. However, it is important to be versatile, and honest...so, in my book, it's okay to get a bit dark sometimes. Plus, it's nice to see the thoughts on "paper." 

Anyway, enough rambling. I'll just share the piece now. 

A New Place to Be Alone

The night sets in, and it happens again
That feeling of being alone
It seeps into the room, through the tiniest cracks
Entering underneath the door, through the windows
It's invisible, but I swear I can see it
It feels the space around me
Reaching into the tiniest of corners
It's suffocating

I'm tired of being alone here, in this place
I am too familiar with every pit
With every downfall
Failure here is no longer a surprise 
It's an expectation 
And happiness is no longer an option

I need a new place to be alone
Somewhere far, somewhere foreign
Where the blank faces aren't recognizable 
And the old pain can be replaced with new
I know that even the new place will quickly become old
But at least, if only for a moment
I will be somewhere other than here

© My Restless Soul. Made with love by The Dutch Lady Designs.