5 Simple Things I Love About Prague

This week has probably been the most mentally challenging for me since my move to Prague. Over the past few days, I have really just been feeling the weight of the cultural and language differences. It's probably because this has been the week that a lot of adult things (ie: setting up utilities, etc.) have had to happen. Needless to say, the experiences have been interesting...AKA stressful. However, that is a blog post for another day.

In order to combat some of the more negative emotions I have been overtaken by this week, I made a list of the little pleasures in Prague that I adore. Introducing:

5 Simple Things I Love About Prague

1. The Flower Shops (Or, "kvetinarstvi," in Czech)
In Czech culture, it is customary to take flowers to a person when you go to visit their home. Therefore, there are flower shops everywhere...on the corners, at the metro entrances and exits, in the squares, at the supermarkets...EVERYWHERE. It's something I find quite pleasant, and I also really like the tradition. I see so many people every day that are carrying bouquets of flowers, and I always wonder who they are going to see. Plus, some of the flower shops even have super cute helpers...

2. The Public Transportation 
Between the metro, the trams, and the bus, you can get anywhere in the city...efficiently, cheaply, and easily. (Once you finally figure out how to properly use the system, of course.) I travel all over the city to teach English classes at different businesses, and I have absolutely no issue getting there because of Prague's amazing public transportation. You can buy a 30 day pass that allows you unlimited use of the tram, buses, and metro for around 650 crowns, which averages to about $26 or $27 American dollars. This is so much cheaper than what you would pay to drive a car monthly, and I can definitely get used to that.

3. The Carbs
On average, I'm pretty sure I eat about one pastry/croissant/other type of bread every single day. I know, this sounds terrible, but I have actually lost about 15-20 pounds since I have been here so I'm going to give all of the credit to the fact that I do so much walking/hiking...and continue to eat the carbs. Pastry shops are just like the flower shops...they are everywhere. Plus, in the supermarkets there are bins and bins full of freshly baked pastries and breads. If you love carbs, it's like heaven. And, to make the situation even BETTER, you can buy said croissants/pastries for about 12 crowns each, which is a whopping $0.49 in American currency. That's pocket change...so what is a person to do? Buy the carbs, obviously. 

4. The Bookstores (Or, knihkupectvi, in Czech)
I'm not sure that I have ever seen a city that has quite as many bookstores as Prague does. They are all over the place, so if you're a book nerd like I am, this is your dream. Plus, they are super easy to spot because the majority of them have giant KNIHKUPECTVI signs that you can't miss. There are some stores that have English books, but the ones that sell Czech books are just as awesome to browse. 

5. The Architecture
Let me begin my saying that there is absolutely nothing "simple," about the architecture itself in Prague. The majority of the buildings are so unique and detailed that I can stand in front of them for a solid 5 minutes trying to fathom how much work was put into each corner and crevice. Therefore, wandering around and looking at buildings has become one of my favorite things to do. The architecture of Prague is really what drew me to the city in the first place. I have never seen anything quite like it, and it is truly what sets European cities apart from American cities. 

Have you ever been to Prague? What are some of the little things that you love about it? What are some simple things that you love about your own city? 

Hope you are all having a great week!

Vicky Hunt said...

Love this post Randa! I am so anxious for December to get here, but I am trying not to rush life by! I am so happy that you're hapy. I love you so much!

Always, Mama

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great post - sounds like a fantastic place. Who wouldn't love pastries, books and cool places to see?

How much English do you speak there outside of the classrooms? Are you speaking Czech?

Dawn @ Life in the Sack said...

Absolutely beautiful. It makes me so happy to see you chasing a dream. And thanks to you I have now added a new place to my must see list.

Margaret said...

Ah! I love seeing all your pictures and reading about your adventures in Prague. That city...there is just something so magical about it. Buses and trains outside of the city too are amazingly convenient and cheap- you can get anywhere in the country so easily!!

Feral Turtle said...

Popped by from your mum's blog! How wonderful for you to follow your dreams. Thanks for sharing your fantastic adventure! Cheers.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Visiting from Vicky's blog and so glad to see what an amazing place Prague is, and how well things are going. How wonderful for you! :)

Debbie Harris said...

Visiting from your dear mom's blog. Her comment was just precious.:-)
What a beautiful place the Lord has placed you in, enjoy!

Blessings~ Debbie

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Miranda, I am a blog friend of your Mom's and I am enjoying your blog and the posts about Prague so much.

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