Dealing with Homesickness

As the holidays approach, I find myself becoming a bit more homesick.

I have been living in the Czech Republic for nearly three months (time really does fly), and while I have obviously had my moments of wishing for home, they have always been easy to get over because the excitement of the new experience has always outweighed the negative emotions. Now that I am a bit more settled in my life here, the excitement has died down a bit, making it easier for me to become weighed down with stresses of work and money, and all of those other things that adults have to worry about. Plus, while I truly do love it here, I sometimes just want those comforts that only home can provide.

As I have mentioned here on this blog numerous times in the past, I am a very anxious person. The smallest things stress me out to no end, I worry endlessly over situations that are out of my control, and having this type of personality can cause me to go into periods of being overall "down" on life. I'm happy to say that since I have made this drastic life change, I have been a much, much happier person. Yet, I still go through my sad moments, and that can be difficult to deal with.

Living in a foreign country often comes with a bit of sensory overload. You see, hear, and experience new things every single day. However, even though I am constantly surrounded by new people and new things to do, and even though I have made some really good friends here, it's still easy to feel very lonely. What makes it worse, is because I'm more of an introverted person, I often close myself off from people and experiences instead of getting out and doing things to make myself feel better. This does happen way less often for me now, but sometimes I still crave the alone time, and I'm not sure that it always helps.

When I get into low moods like this, I always feel it's important to remind myself why I am actually here.

I am here for a change.
I am here to experience new people and their cultures.
I am here to teach others something that will be beneficial to their lives.
I am here to travel and see this vast world.
I am here for a new way of life, because the old one wasn't working for me anymore.
I'm here to make my dreams come true.
I'm here to be the person that I have always known I am meant to be.

I can also honestly say that even though I have been homesick, and I know that being away from my loved ones during the holidays will be difficult, I still don't want to leave here. I know I'm where I'm meant to be. I'm living out an opportunity that many people never receive. I am so fortunate, and I'm grateful for where I have been so far, and where I will continue to go as this journey progresses.

It's all about being brave, and as long as I continue to do that, my new life here will be the greatest blessing I have ever received.

Kelli @Kellibeans said...

I think you will have so many interesting holiday things to see in Europe you'll only have time to be sad a little bit! My sister's pictures from the holiday season last year were amazing.

My sister did all her Christmas shopping at the Christmas markets last year so we all got very cool European gifts. Also get the hot chocolate at the markets apparently it comes in cool collectible mugs.

Vicky Hunt said...

It is going to be different this year...for you and for us at home. I am sad to think you won't be with us for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I am so happy to get to come visit you at Christmas time. It is going to be a difficult year getting through the hoidays but at least we can look forward to that. Daddy told me I can't go unless I bring you back...lol! Hang in there and keep enjoying this incredible life you are living right now. Love you!

Always, Mama

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I applaud you for sharing these feelings - thats a hard thing to do.

You must be a lot stronger person than you give yourself credit for because you had the courage to chase your dream. Most people just say "Someday" and never do it.

My daughter is about your age and she is introverted and has a hard time dealing with stress as well. She is just now starting to find her way and spread her wings. As her mom, I cheer her small successes. I think a lot of it has to do with maturity and confidence.

Be proud of yourself because you are amazing.

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