Currently (November)

Reading... The Pact by Jodi Picoult. I have read several Jodi Picoult novels at this point, and they always stab me right in the heart. This one is no different. She really knows how to play with every single one of my emotions.

Playing... the newest Imagine Dragons album, Smoke and Mirrors. I just can't seem to get tired of it. They are going to be in Prague in January, and I really hope I'm able to go!

Watching... the 4th season of Girls and there are only about three episodes left for me to watch. Is it possible to hate and love a show at the same time? The characters are all insanely unlikeable, but also very "real."

Trying... to fit all of my hobbies back into my life. I feel like I'm pretty settled into my life here In Prague and am in a good place as far as lesson planning and teaching. I have been trying to read at least one book a week and have also been writing more frequently.

Cooking... Coffee? I made scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning. Does that count? (I still don't cook very much.)

Eating... kebab. I have been doing really good about eating at home lately, but tonight I broke down and bought a kebab on the way home. I fell in love with them when I moved to Europe.

Drinking... just water, nothing fancy.

Calling... no one. I have been sending Amber obnoxious videos on Snapchat though.

Texting... the Prague Squad, most recently.

Going... to make myself do dishes here shortly. Other than that, I'm staying in until I leave for my 9am class in the morning.

Loving... the fact that I am actually getting to experience cooler weather here in Prague. I still can't believe I am able to comfortably wear sweaters and layers.

Hating... negativity, just in general.

Discovering... so many new things about myself every single day. It's really empowering.

Thinking... that I cannot wait for my mom, Ms. Jeana, and Ashley to be here for their visit on December 26th! I'm so excited!

Feeling... full, from that kebab that I mentioned earlier.

Hoping (for)... continued happiness.

Listening (to)... Saturday Night Live sketches playing in the background. I have been obsessed with watching them on YouTube lately when I need a laugh. Penelope, anyone?

Considering... how to spend my weekend! Tomorrow is Friday, already.

Happy Thursday!
Vicky Hunt said...

Love it! But....the grammar police here...lol! I know you can't stand typos and this word is spelled correctly so spell check wouldn't catch it. The part about wearing sweaters....it says comfortable instead of comfortably...:) I knew you would want to know. Love you and counting down the days until December!!! Love you!

Always, Mama

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Fun post! I feel like i'm getting to know you a bit better. I love your Mom and her comment cracked me up. I love Jodi Picoult books, they really do grab you. Sounds like things are going well and you are settling in.

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