Women "Weep-ons" and Tram 22

The life of an expat is never dull. Each day brings something to laugh at, stress over, or just simply appreciate. Most days bring all three of those things. Let's proceed to a double dose of mini story time.

First, an adventure in teaching English as a second language. My Tuesday began with a 5:30am wakeup call. (Let's be honest though, I hit snooze until about 6:00.) I had a 7:30 class with an intermediate student that I normally teach on Mondays, but was rescheduled to today for this week. Anyway, the lesson I prepared for today was on the topic of women vs. men business owners, and we were discussing adjectives that describe the personalities of each.

Before we went into discussing new vocabulary terms, I asked my student to come up with some ways that he thinks  businessmen may be different than business women in the workplace. He said a couple of things about how men are probably more direct and comfortable when it comes to being in charge of a business. He then continued by saying that women may have an advantage sometimes though, because they have their women "weep-ons."

"Sorry?" I had no idea what he was trying to say.

"They have their women weep-ons."

I still wasn't sure where he was attempting to go.

"You know, their weep-ons. Women they are charming, and they dress nice, and they are nice and friendly. Those are their weep-ons."

It finally hit me.

"Oh, do you mean their weapons?"

"Yes, yes. Women have their weapons."

I had to try really hard not to laugh at this new concept of women weapons. I added it to the list, corrected his pronunciation of weapons, and moved on with the lesson. Sometimes I'm the one who learns something new during my lessons.

For story number two, lets talk public transport. A few weeks ago, I went on a little Instagram rant about how the tram near my flat is under construction and I have been having to take alternative routes to my classes. The way that I have to get to 99% of the places I have to go is by walking to another tram stop to catch the number 22. Because of the popular route that the tram takes, and the other tram currently being under construction, the 22 is always extremely packed.

Now, there are two different states of "packed" when it comes to riding on the 22. There is "Wow, there are a lot of people on here but at least I still have somewhere to hang on and my face isn't stuck in someone's armpit" packed, and then there is "I can't breathe and the body parts of strangers are touching me from every angle and I have to close my eyes and not think about the situation or I'm going to have a panic attack" packed. When I was heading to my 4:30 class this afternoon, the level of crowdedness was in the second category.

Therefore, I witnessed a moment where so many people attempted to pack themselves onto the tram, that the tiniest little old lady I have ever seen was smashed into a corner by a man about 12 times her size. She was asking for help and he wouldn't help her, so then two other people miraculously rescued her from the trap and sat her in a seat that someone gave up. Everything has the potential to be a bit scary sometimes. Even public transport.

Like I said earlier...there is never a dull moment. Now, I'm going to take my women weapons and get some beauty sleep before another day of teaching. I hope you are having a great week so far!

Vicky Hunt said...

Too funny! LOL! I don't know that I could handle being packed in like sardines either. Thankfully someone helped the little lady. Hope you had a great day! Love you.
Always, Mama

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

hahaha wee-pons that's hilarious!And aww poor little old lady, that sounds awful! I hate crowds!

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