I Saw Your Face [Creative Piece]

It has been a while since I've shared any of my more creative writing, and I figured it was well past due. Plus, when the mood hits...it hits hard, and you just have to get the thoughts out. Ya know what I'm saying? ;)

I saw your face last night
I don't think I could have expected it any less
My dreams were still and quiet
But then, there you were
Different than how I remembered, but somehow still the same

I saw your face last night
And the first thing I thought was, "It's been a while"
So long, in fact, that I was finally beginning to forget you
Not in the usual way of forgetting
But in a more forced way, because keeping you in my memory was no longer an option

I saw your face last night
Oh, how I wanted to run
 To avoid falling back into old emotions that have already once torn me apart
But my feet stood firm, and I remained by your side
Falling into all that I know to be you, once again

I saw your face last night
It disturbed and enthralled all at once
Yet when I awoke, you were gone
Reminding me that what we once had, will never again be
And never should have been to begin with


Creative Endeavors

I have been so incredibly back and forth on whether or not to share what I am about to share. However, as one of my more recent personal goals is to challenge myself and do things that make me a bit uncomfortable, I have decided to go for it. You'll see what I mean.

I have been thinking a lot about creativity lately....the meaning of it, the process of it, the subjectivity of it...so on and so forth. Along the same lines, I have been thinking about ways that creative people can boost their creativity, and get more out of it. Usually, I would take these thoughts and turn them into a blog post. But, I decided instead to share it via my newest creative endeavor.

So, here it is! I'm not sure if this will become a "thing," but I did quite enjoy making it. I certainly do not see it becoming a replacement for my blog, because writing is my first true love. But, I think it may be something fun to do, as well as a nice, new way to document my life.

Feedback is appreciated! Also, please feel free to share additional tips and tricks on the subject that work for you.

P.S. Feel free to check out my newly created channel here.

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