A Well Overdue Bratislava Post

I recently spent a couple of days in Slovakia. (And by recently, I mean last month.)

My boyfriend and I took a trip to the city of Bratislava to spend a couple of days over my Christmas break. Since we went over the holidays, the Christmas markets were in full swing, and the weather was cold, but not so cold that it was miserable to walk around in. It was the perfect time to visit.

Although Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, the city is still fairly small. We walked everywhere, and didn't use public transportation a single time. It is a quaint city with an abundance of beautiful old architecture, plenty of unique and cozy cafes and restaurants to spend time in, and rich history to be surrounded by. Something that I really loved was the fact that Bratislava was not nearly as crowded as other European cities I have visited so far. It is still very tourist friendly, but it was nice to meander down the streets and view the sites without having to fight off hundreds of other people. 

The biggest attraction is definitely the Bratislava Castle. It looks over the city, and it is definitely the first thing that attracts your eye, making you feel like you have stepped far back in time. Plus, the walk up to the castle is half the fun. Not only are the sights along the way beautiful, but being up on the hill gives you a great view of the rest of the city. 

Another one of my favorite experiences was stumbling across Narnia Pub, which is inspired by C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia book series. Whether you are a nostalgic book nerd, or just someone who is looking for a nice atmosphere in which to drink something hot, this is a place you will love. Shahid and I both enjoyed a nice mug of hot apple cider, and while we didn't try any of the food, the dishes that we saw other people enjoying looked great. 

It was a very laid-back, relaxing couple of days. Bratislava may not be the most exciting or well-known capital city in Europe, but I will still suggest giving it a visit...especially if you are in need of a low key trip. I thoroughly enjoyed everything it had to offer. 

Now for the photo overload...

Vicky Hunt said...

I think we need to visit here when I come over next time! It does look like a charming little place and I love that it's not too touristy! Love you...<3

Always, Mama

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I think I'd have to try the food in every country I visited. Love that man at work statue.

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