It's Going to be a Year of Music

Switchfoot back in October 2013.
Holy cow, this week has been crazy.

To make a long story short, I have had my full teaching schedule, I have been trying to get some financial things sorted out, and I also had an interview at a second language school. (Because, even though I feel like my entire life consists of lesson planning, teaching, or traveling from class to class...I'm still not making enough money.) Also, interviewing for an ESL teaching job isn't like your typical "go sit in front of an intimidating person and answer a bunch of random questions" interview. Teaching interviews involve a vocal interview, teaching a demo lesson that was written to the school's specifications and requests, and taking grammar and language tests to prove that you really do know the difference in their, there, and they're. Therefore, the preparation for that on top of the classes that I already have was a bit overwhelming.

P.S. I did get the job though. ;)

Anyway, there is one major silver lining that has really gotten me through this week. And that thing is...

I'm seeing Imagine Dragons on Saturday. 

They have been one of my absolute favorite bands for the past few years, and I'm going to experience them live, here in Prague. I'm so excited! Also, a huge shout out to my sweet boyfriend Shahid who bought the ticket for me. (I really wish you could be there with me, but I will make sure to tell you all about it!)

However, seeing Imagine Dragons is only the beginning of my musical enjoyment for the year. In May, I will be seeing Mumford and Sons here in Prague with my friend Tegan. They area another one of my all-time favorites so I'm extremely pumped about this as well.

And...I have saved the best for last. In June, I will be going to the UK to see Shahid, and on the 16th of June him and I will go to London to see, are you ready for this???



(This obviously deserves more exclamation points, but I'm trying to keep the level of obnoxiousness in this post to a minimum.)

Back to the point...I am seeing Colplay. In June. In LONDON. Now, if you are close to me, you know that Coldplay is my most favorite band on the face of the planet and they always will be. You may also know that one of my life goals is to see them live in Europe. This has been planned for a month or so now, but I still get overly excited every time I think about it. Overly excited to the point that I want to cry a bit.

One year. Three concerts. Three favorite bands. Since I have already seen Switchfoot live, the only other band I will have left on my list is OneRepublic.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I just wanted to get some excitement out. I will leave you with three of my favorite songs, one from each band that I will be seeing this year. (The Coldplay one is from their newest album A Head Full of Dreams. You should go check it out.)

Happy Thursday!

Vicky Hunt said...

Still a wee bit jealous....lol! No...I am so happy for you! Especially about Coldplay! I am as excited for you to mark that off your Bucket List as you are to be able to do it! Can't wait to hear about Imagine Dragons. Have fun and be safe...:) Love You, Vicky

Vicky Hunt said...

LOL....that should say Mama! Daddy was distracting me!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Sounds like a LOT of fun coming up and congrats on getting the job!

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