Currently (February)

Reading... I just finished reading a memoir called The Thing About Prague by Rachael Weiss. The new book I will be picking up is The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

Listening (to)... The past couple of days I have been constantly listening to my OneRepublic playlist. They are exactly what my ears have been needing to hear.

Watching... I don't have a TV in my flat, so I really do not watch much of anything. Every now and then I will watch a show or movie online, and I also watch a variety of videos on YouTube. This is embarrassing to admit, but I watched a few episodes of that old Nickelodeon cartoon, As Told by Ginger, last night, and it gave me a very large feeling of nostalgia.

Trying... Not to be overwhelmed with the amount of lesson planning I have on my plate since my teaching schedule is built back up.

Cooking... I had leftovers for dinner today, but last night I made a hodgepodge creation that included chicken, corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, and taco seasoning. It turned out a bit spicy, but it was still good.

Eating... Nothing since I had my leftovers already. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth at the moment though...

Drinking... Water. I will probably make some tea soon.

Going... To Florida in just a few weeks! Four weeks from today, I will be at home for a much-anticipated visit.

Loving... The new experiences that each day brings.

Hating... That I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow!

Discovering... That living abroad doesn't get any easier, but somehow every second of difficulty just makes the experience that much better.

Thinking... That I may just have to watch some more As Told by Ginger before bed....

Feeling... Like I could actually go ahead and go to sleep right now, even though it's not even 8pm.

Hoping (for)... Continued determination and positive thinking.

Considering... Going down to the potraviny (corner market) to find some chocolate for my sweet tooth. Just say no, Miranda.
Lottiefla said...

Is Prague chocolate the same as here, or different?? Of course, if it's chocolate anywhere it has to be good! Hugs to you, dear. Keep your chin up... hope to see you while you are here.

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I love watching old tv shows!! And yay, how exciting that you get to go home to visit soon!!

Vicky Hunt said...

Currently wishing you were here now! I can't wait! Did you get the chocolate? BTW...my students want you to bring them some more of the snowman chips I brough home for them. I told them I would ask you. :) Love you!

Always, Mama

Kelli @Kellibeans said...

Yayyy for a trip home, I bet you are so excited!!

Cynthia said...

How did you like The Thing About Prague... worth picking up?

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