Half a Year Abroad (Dear Prague)

Dear Prague, 

Well, it's been half a year! Six months ago I stepped off of that airplane and shook your hand for the first time. Six months ago I had no idea exactly what to expect from you, but I chose to begin my new life with you anyway. 

I have to admit, my first night with you, I was scared to death. My cab driver didn't say a word to me during the entire 45 minute drive from the airport. He returned my smile and thanks with a glare. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. 

I arrived in my flat in the middle of the night, after 24 hours of traveling, and I sat down on my new bed and I cried. I didn't know if my tears were happy or sad...perhaps they were a mixture of both. All of my months of planning and dreaming and scheming to come to you were over. I was actually there with you. I was 5,000 miles away from my friends, and family, and everything I had ever known...and there was no turning back. I had no choice but to push forward, and make our relationship work. 

And as time has went on, the feeling that I'm supposed to be with you has solidified. You are everything unfamiliar, and still somehow everything I ever needed and wanted in an experience. My days here are sometimes full of language barriers, financial difficulties, and a lack of friendly, smiling people. However, just when I reach a point where I'm wondering what in the world I was thinking when I dropped everything to move halfway across the world, I get sucked into the satisfaction of your cobblestone streets, your fairy tale architecture, and all of the things and people that I would have never had the privilege to see or know if I had done the easy thing and stayed in the U.S. 

Prague, I think a lot about the person I was before I came to be with you. That woman is nothing compared to the woman I feel I am now. That woman was overly anxious and depressed, a dreamer instead of a doer, and a scaredy cat instead of a risk-taker. That woman had no faith in herself, and believed her abilities were best left untested. And...while there are many things about life and about the future that confuse and frighten me, that confusion is only a small percentage of what that woman used to feel. 

You have been the gateway to the rest of my life. I don't know where time will take us, but I do know that you will always be "the" turning point in my adulthood. Here's to another half a year, and possibly more. 

With love and sincerity, 

Lottiefla said...

Six months?? Amazing! I'm so proud of you!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Such a beautiful post! These experiences are making you grow and enriching your life.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I can't believe it's been 6 months already. That flew by. Here's to another fantastic 6 months!

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