My Perfect Travel Playlist

As you are reading this, I have made it to London from Prague!

Shahid and I will leave from Heathrow to head to Florida at 9:30am tomorrow morning. For today, we are going to enjoy some time in London and get an early night's rest. It will take us about 12 hours to get to Orlando International tomorrow.

Last weekend, I spent a good deal of time perfecting my travel playlist. Everyone has different preferences when they are preparing a list for traveling. The three main ways that songs make it onto my Travel list are:

*I have listened to them during my past travels. The nostalgia makes me feel like I need to listen to them each time I'm on the go. 
*They are just all around amazing songs. Maybe they're inspiring and relaxing, or maybe they're just fun. 
*They somehow have a travel themed message. 

I thought it would be fun to show you a little sample of the songs I have been and will be listening to on my journey. I'm going to put my list on shuffle and share the first 25 songs that play. Let's do this!

What do you listen to while traveling? Give me some recommendations below!
Linda @ A La Carte said...

Good play list. I know you are excited to get home and your Mom must be on pins and needles! Safe travels.


Lottiefla said...

Love your playlist. A lot of my favorites there. Hope you are having fun in FL. I saw yedterday's wedding pictures -- you were very pretty in that purple laceey dress!

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