The Worries of Writing : 5 Thoughts You NEED to Ignore

Isn't it a bit annoying how comparison seems to get in the way of every aspect of life?

Think about it. We spend way too much time comparing ourselves and our situations to the selves and situations of others. Looks, success, lifestyle...we always feel the need to find ways that "ours" isn't as good as "theirs."

Unfortunately, this same mindset often works its' way into our passions and hobbies as well. When I used to sit down to write, a good majority of the time was spent thinking comparative thoughts, and questioning myself and my writing decisions. The further I get into my novel though, and the more confident I become in it, I am realizing that these types of negative thoughts do not make my writing better in any way. If anything, they hinder it because I'm afraid to get everything out on paper.

So, I decided to share five of the negative thoughts that often keep me from writing (I'm sure you have them too!), and explain why we should ignore them...for both our sanity and our progress.

1. "Is this boring?"
Even if you have a story idea that you are absolutely stoked about, it's nearly impossible to not ask yourself this question every once in a while. The fact of the matter is, a writer spends an awful lot of time in whatever world we are trying to create. Sometimes, we get burnt out, or over-familiar with it, and this leads us to question the excitement of the plot. Write what your heart wants to write. And if you want to make sure you stay on an interesting track, have someone you trust read after you and give you feedback. (My mom critiques mine...it's extremely helpful!)

2. "Is this too similar to...?"
Fear of being unoriginal is something else that hinders the productivity of writing sessions. Writers want their works to be unique, even if they are based on what may be a "popular" concept. The reality is, writers subconsciously draw inspiration from works that they admire. But, the reason that your story will never be the same as someone else's, is that you are the only person who has your particular creative skills. There is something about your writing that will make you stand out.

3. "Is my writing style pleasing?"
Writing style is something that is highly discussed now days. When we read books written by our favorite authors, we are able to find that certain "flow" that makes their work recognizable. Writing style can make or break a plot line, and every writer wants to "perfect" their style. The truth is, writing style comes from being yourself. What is natural to you? What feels comfortable? What makes you happy to write? Focus less on striving to have a similar style to someone else, and strengthen your own unique style.

4. "Are the small details coming together?"
Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in worrying about perfecting the small things that I don't actually get any new writing completed. For example, the novel I am working on now has a time frame in which each portion of the book takes place in a different month. There are also letters within the book that have to have a certain date. I often worry too much about making these time frames "realistic." It is a detail that could honestly be left until everything else is completed, but it takes priority in my mind. Putting all of the awesome content down should come first. Small details can be corrected later.

5. "Will anyone even want to read this?"
This is similar to the first point in that we rely too much on the opinions of people who have not even read our content. Honestly, besides perhaps those who are closest to you, there is probably no one who even realizes you are writing a novel. So, why worry about it now? If you are writing something you want to share with the world, and you are putting every ounce of passion into your writing, people will want to read it. Even if you complete your novel, and no one EVER reads it, you will always have the satisfaction of knowing that you sat down and produced something that is important to you.

Do you struggle with any of these thoughts? How do you combat them? What are some negative ideas that you prefer to ignore in order to improve your craft? Please leave me a comment below with your opinion!
Lottiefla said...

Great post. As always.

Lottiefla said...

Great post. As always.

Vicky Hunt said...

Not that I would know but this sounds like excellent advice to a new writer. And...I'm so happy to read and critique yours...:)

Love you!

Always, Mama

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