3 French Hens, 2 Turtles Doves, and 1 Little Pudgy Pup

Anyone who is taking the time to read this probably already knows that Slade and I adopted a puppy. But, I'm just now getting the opportunity to sit down and write about it. So, without further ado, everyone meet Babybel. (Again.)

Full Name: Babybel Rogers 
Nicknames: Bell, Bell Bottom, Jingle Bell
Birthday: September 30, 2016
Breed: Pit Bull/Retriever mix
Current weight: 11.8 pounds
Hobbies: Torturing her sister (Rizzo the cat), eating peanut butter with dad, long walks that end in finding the perfect stick, and sleeping on mom's head

We had been talking about adopting a dog for a few weeks. One of the local rescues posted a picture of a doberman puppy one day that we were really interested in, but he was adopted before we were able to go meet him. It was all fate though, because right as we were about to decide to just wait, another shelter posted pictures of Bell's litter. We fell in love with her little eyebrows in her photo, and the little pudge was the first one we laid eyes on when we made it to the adoption event at PetSmart. One application and some cash later, she was ours!

It's amazing how much a puppy can change your daily routine. People are going to roll their eyes when I say this...but it's honestly a bit like having a child. You keep your eyes on them at all times, you worry about every little thing, you wake up at least three extra times a night to tend to them, and when they're ready to be awake for the day...you better be ready to be awake for the day. I cried all the way to work the first morning I had to put her in her crate, and there are already at least 50 pictures of her on my phone's camera roll. She hasn't even been around for two weeks, but gosh, I love that little pup.

"Some things fill your heart without trying."

I found that quote on Pinterest when I was looking for a good one to describe the relationships people have with pets. It applies so much to the way that Babybel makes me feel, but it also applies to a lot of other aspects of my life right now. I never thought I would be this happy just six months after coming home from Prague. My heart is undeniably full. 

Now for a puppy photo collage, because I know that's what everyone is actually here for. Hope you all had a great Monday! 

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