4 Things To Do Monthly!

If you're anything like me, you probably, at any given point in your life, have a million different things you need to do, and a million different goals you want to achieve. And...that's great! Goal setting is a way to grow and improve. 

However, it is often difficult to achieve these goals when you are setting the bar extremely high each month.Let's face it...it's impossible to lose 25 pounds, save $1000, visit 12 new countries, drink green juice every morning, and become famous all within a four-week time period. It's important to be ambitious, but it's also important to remember that setting unrealistic expectations is going to result in zero accomplishments. 

Recently, I've been thinking about goals that would be easy for me to take on every single month. I've compiled a list of ones that aren't only easy, but also fulfilling! Let's get into them...

1. Have lunch or dinner with a friend. 
Something I am particularly bad at is keeping in touch with/seeing friends and family that I don't automatically see on a fairly regular basis. I know other people struggle with this as well. So, think about a friend or family member that you haven't seen in a while, shoot them a text, and invite them to meet up. It's always so nice to sit and catch up with someone you care about. 

2. Set a financial goal. 
The nice thing about this goal is there is such a wide variety of specific goals you can set. It could be anything from vowing to save $100 towards your upcoming vacation, to finally paying off a credit card. Big or small...it will feel awesome to check it off your list!

3. Have a new experience. 
It's pretty common for people to treat themselves to a new purchase or two during the month. Instead of spending money on material items, try doing something you have never done. Take a short weekend road trip. See a new play or movie. Finally attend that new exercise class you have been wanting to try. Make some memories! 

4. Treat yo'self. 
This final point is Slade's contribution, and he requested that I specifically use that heading, ha ha. Essentially, if you're trying really hard to be healthy, pick one day during the month to eat whatever the heck you want to eat. If you choose this day ahead of time, you'll look forward to it and have no repercussions about eating all of the chocolate and french fries on the planet. 

What are some things you try to do on a regular basis? Do you believe goal setting is important? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Happiest of Fridays to you! 
StephTheBookworm said...

I really like these goals because I think they are reasonable and also fun! I try to set myself a financial goal every month too, even if I can only afford a small one. :)

Emelia Lawrence said...

I'm so with treating yourself. It feels so good and reminds me to set more goals and keep reaching them!

Myra said...

I love these! I stick to doing all of these as much as possibly monthly, but I also try to fit in multiple date nights with my husband. With a little one around all the time, some nights it's great to get her into bed and then just relax with dinner/dessert & a movie together! Great post, girl.

julie @ a hopeful hood said...

I love the balanced way you've made this list--social stuff, educational stuff, financial...love it all!

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