5 Podcasts You Should Listen To

I'm a newbie to the podcast scene.

I can attribute my newfound obsession with them to Slade. He introduced me to a couple that I really enjoy, and now hunting for new ones to listen to during my work day has become a daily hobby. I find that podcasts make work go by so quickly, and I honestly feel like they boost my productivity level too. I was worried that listening to people talk would have the opposite effect, but that definitely hasn't been the case.

I thought it would be fun to share my favorites, just in case anyone out there is looking for something new to listen to!

***Most of the podcasts mentioned do include adult language and topics of conversation.***

1. The Mortified Podcast
What's it about?
This is my newest find, and also my current favorite. The Mortified Podcast features people who are willing to publicly share entries from diaries and journals that were kept during their childhood and teenage years. Yes...it is as awkward and hilarious as it sounds. Each episode has a different theme/subject that will quickly take you back to your childhood diary days.

What episode should I listen to first?
I recommend Episode 88: Titanic Ruined My Love Life.

Where can I listen?
You can find The Mortified Podcast on Spotify!

2. My Brother, My Brother and Me
What's it about?
This is Slade's favorite podcast. He often listens to it in the evenings, it has quickly grown on me. This is an "advice" podcast hosted by three brothers. Essentially, they read crazy questions that people post on Yahoo and try to give some form of advice, which generally causes hilarity to ensue.

What episode should I listen to first?
I recommend Episode 339: Scatman Zozo.

Where can I listen?
You can find My Brother, My Brother and Me on Spotify and Maximum Fun!

3. Rose Buddies
What's it about?
Rose Buddies is a weekly podcast that recaps the most current episode of the TV show The Bachelor. If you don't watch this show, you probably won't enjoy the podcast. But, if you do watch the show...this will change your life. Rose Buddies is hosted by one of the brothers from My Brother, My Brother and Me (Griffin), and his wife Rachel. It's a laugh out loud way to justify your love for a cheesy reality show.

What episode should I listen to first?
Honestly...any of them, especially if you routinely watch The Bachelor.

Where can I listen?
You can find Rose Buddies on Maximum Fun!

4. Real Ghost Stories Online
What's it about?
This one is a bit different from the others. The title pretty much says it all! The hosts Tony and Jenny Brueski share real ghost stories that are called or written in by listeners. It's super interesting, and highly entertaining. There is also a humorous aspect to it, so it doesn't become too overwhelming. I have to listen in this in shifts though, otherwise I freak myself out, ha ha. If you're not bothered by supernatural stories, you will be completely fine.

What episode should I listen to first?
Again...they are all equally entertaining!

Where can I listen?
You can find Real Ghost Stories Online on Spotify!

5. Barely Friending
What's is about?
Two comedians who actually used to date each other host this show. They chat and give advice on life and relationships mostly, but no subject is off limits! There is a good balance of humor and encouragement.

What episode should I listen to first?
I recommend Episode 88: How Do I Find Happiness?

Where can I listen?
You can find Barely Friending on Spotify!

 Do you listen to any of these podcasts? What are some of your favorites? I'm always looking for new suggestions!
Victoria said...

I LOVE podcasts sooo much! My main ones are:

News - Al Mohler's "The Briefing"
History - The BBC's "History Hour"
Books - The Bookshelf in Thomasville, GA's "From the Front Porch"

I also occasionally listen to Anne Bogel's "What Should I Read Next" and Tsh Oxenrider's "The Simple Show".

I've recently been giving "The Splendid Table" and "Found" a try. Two podcasts that ended and made me totally sad when they did are: "America's Test Kitchen Radio" and "The Mystery Show".

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