April Blogging Goals

This month didn't just "march" out the door, it ran.

Alright...no more attempts at making jokes. I'll keep the cheesiness to a minimum. (Maybe.)

It's time to share my blogging goals for the month of April! But first, let's do a quick review of how my March goals panned out. I'm pretty pleased with the results!

1. Post four times a week. This was a big success! Four pre-scheduled posts went up each week!
2. Switch to a new commenting system. This hasn't happened yet, mainly because I'm not so sure I want to do it.
3. Create and email list/newsletter. This is half complete. As you've noticed, the email list prompt has been installed. I'm still working on perfecting the content that will be sent out though.
4. Reach 30 followers. I actually hit the 40 mark! I am loving the sense of community I'm finding.
5. Create a disclaimer, and slowly incorporate affiliate links. Check, and check!

In April, I would like to:

1. Streamline and organize my site. 
I want to organize my pages and content in a way that makes it easier for readers to see what my blog is all about. I also want to create some categories for my sidebar, that way popular posts will be more easily accessible.

2. Apply for one paid blogging opportunity.
This is pretty self explanatory. I know though, that I want it to be something I actually feel is pertinent to what I am interested in. I don't want to write something totally random just to get a bit of money.

3. Create a blog Facebook page. 
I have had one in the past, but I was super bad at keeping up with it. I would like to change that!

4. Send out first subscription email.
This is a continuance of my newsletter goal from last month.

Let's do this! What are your blogging goals for April?
Linda @ A La Carte said...

Really great goals. My April goals are to just keep blogging and hoping I post more often then once a week!

julie @ a hopeful hood said...

Get Disqus!!!!! It's the absolute best thing ever and keeps me signed in on my computer/phone...also if you google tutorials and stuff for installing it it's so so easy!! And hurry up and start a FB page so I can like it ;) Also have you joined the FB group Growing SOcial Media for Bloggers? It's huge, I'm an admin, it's great, blah blah blah but REALLY what's the biggest deal is that it gets your blog links in front of a whole new set of eyes!!

StephTheBookworm said...

You did great with your goals! I have a FB page. Been blogging since 2009 but was late to the game and didn't start that until 2013 I think? Anyway, I think it's worthwhile. A lot of people who aren't bloggers and don't have a Bloglovin' feedreader or whatever find out about my new posts via the FB page.

Vicky Hunt said...

You're on the ball! You did great sticking to your goals and the new ones sound like good ones. Keep it up!

Love, Mama

Myra said...

Way to go, girl! You're killing these blog goals! I can't wait to see how you streamline your site. I feel like I'm forever doing that, haha.

Kerry Crystal said...

Those are great goals! I am really enjoying your blog! Let me know if you get the Facebook page going! I'll follow. We have one and I post to it everyday but we don't seem to have much traffic there. I should be more social on Facebook! - Crystal

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