How to Justify Your Notebook Hoarding Habit (4 Ways to Actually Use Them)

I've really been trying to simplify my life in terms of "stuff" over the past couple of years. I'm making a conscious effort to buy less clothing, shoes, trinkets, and other things that just aren't necessities. The only exception to this rule is books. Because, let's be 100% real here...books are life. 

This simplifying project has been pretty easy when it comes to most material items, but there is one thing that I have a much more difficult time saying no to. And that thing is notebooks and stationary.

I have such a hard time avoiding the stationary section in stores...especially in places like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's, because the stuff is all so affordable! Amazon can also get me in trouble. I mean, look at this sloth journal. Those little sloths just look like excellent note-takers.

Does anyone else have this problem? I think notebooks are such an easy thing to subconsciously hoard because they're useful. (And cute, but that's just a perk I suppose.) So, to make myself, and possibly you feel better about having more notebooks than any human being could possibly need, I thought I would share some ways that they can actually be utilized. (AKA: Let's justify that addiction, folks.)

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1. Brainstorming
My most used and loved notebook is definitely my "brainstorming" notebook. This is the one that catches all of my thoughts and plans for my blog/blog posts/novels/writing projects. When I have an idea that I don't want to forget, it goes in here. I love having all of my creative thoughts in one place. You could also use a different note book for each type of brainstorming if you want to keep your thoughts separate. If you wanted to use individual notebooks and don't already have some lying around, this 4-pack is so pretty and would work perfectly.

2. A Quote Log
If words mean a lot to you, you most likely read and hear a lot of quotes that you want to remember. A quote journal is a great way to keep track of beautiful phrases and lyrics. You can write them down, and then you have a place to refer to when you need something to reflect on. I think a leather notebook like this one would be perfect to use as a quote log, because it will last for years and years and look nice on your bookshelf.

3. Lists/Reminders
I feel like most people type reminders out on their phones now days. However, there are still some of us that prefer handwritten lists. Having a small notepad to jot things to buy/remember is really helpful, and helps you stay a bit more organized. A small pocket notebook similar to these would be great for this, because it would easily fit in your bag or car glove box.

4. Travel/Memory Journals
Even if you don't journal regularly, you probably still have events in your life that are worthy of recording. Why not write down every little detail of the really cool life experiences you have? When you re-read them in the future, you will be able to recall details that you wouldn't have remembered otherwise. These travel-themed journals would be the perfect fit for this!

Do you have an unhealthy obsession with notebooks? Do you use them for any of these things? What are some other things you use your journals for?
Linda @ A La Carte said...

This post made me laugh. Because, well yes I do seem to have this rather large collection of notebooks. So many pretty one's and I can't let go of them but I'm not using them either. Your ideas are great and I think I'll sprinkle some of the books around my home in hopes of stopping to use them on occasion!

Vicky Hunt said...

Perfect post for you! I have a hard time walking away from all the pretty notebooks in TJ Maxx and other stores. And every time I see a travel themed one, I think of you and debate whather to buy it for you or not. LOL! Love you!

Laura Darling said...

Notebooks are so cute, and yes, I have a million too!! I love the idea of turning one into a quote journal!

Mallory Layfield said...

I love the idea of a quote log! If I happen upon a good quote, I normally type it up in the notes section of my phone, but those always get buried or accidentally deleted. I also love the travel journal one too! ModCloth has a travel journal I've been eyeing for awhile, so I think this post justifies that future purchase haha.

Kerry Crystal said...

You can never have too many!

Janet said...

I find it very hard to not buy stationery. Back to school shopping was always my favourite part of the year when I was in school haha.

Great ideas! I might have to go buy a new journal now!

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls said...

You don't have to justify it, if you love it!!

Emily @the Bibliotherapy said...

I am totally a notebook hoarder.... I use them for journals, jotting down random thoughts throughout the day, travel logs, list making, planning, daily gratitude. At least it's more useful than most hoarding habits!

Kerry Crystal said...

My 12 year old daughter is a notebook hoarder for sure! I love them too but she takes it to a new level. They are so pretty! They are always my go-to gift for stockings and Easter baskets! - Crystal

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