{Babybel Blog Takeover} Parents Going on Vacation WITHOUT Me!

Hey, what's up? Hello! Babybel Rogers here.

I've been waiting for a chance to steal mom's blog again. I was planning to do it next week, but I'm really upset right now and looking for an outlet. I just need to rant, because a major travesty is about to occur.


Is this real life? Are they serious? Do they not realize that I am the single best thing in their lives and they're about to leave me for a week?

I just found this out today, so you would assume they're leaving in a few weeks, right? WRONG. They are leaving tomorrow. TOMORROW!!! I swear, I could just anger eat all of their food and tear up all of the carpet in the house. (But I won't, because alas, I am a good girl.)

Apparently my Uncle Nathan is coming to spend the week with me at our house. I mean, I guess he's cool and all. But don't I deserve a vacation too? Mom and Dad have no idea how difficult it is to be me. NO IDEA.

I should have gotten suspicious when they brought home lots of new treats and toys for me the other day. Those jokers are trying to bribe me. I see their game now! I see it clear as day...it was all just a ploy!

I guess those toys are pretty fun though. Besides that flimsy one that I tore up in two hours. That one was stupid and it exhausted me.


This ranting thing helps a little I suppose. Don't get me wrong, I still have butthead parents! But...it is only a week. Also, they better bring me back a souvenir or a tshirt or something!

Oops, gotta go! I hear them unlocking the front door.

Paws and love, y'all. Paws and love.
Linda @ A La Carte said...

They will be better parents for taking this vacation Babybel!! You will be so happy when they return you will forget all about being left.

StephTheBookworm said...

Too cute! Have a fantastic time! Where are you guys headed?

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