Life WILL Get Messy, and That's OK

I think everyone tends to be a little "stuck in their ways" when it comes to certain things. Most of us have schedules, traditions, systems, etc. that we live some, if not all, aspects of our daily lives by. Routines just make normal responsibilities a bit easier.

Since I have struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder from a young age, these normal routines have always caused me a bit more stress than they should. I have always felt like my house has to be in a certain order. My car has to be in a certain order. My work and personal schedules have to be in a certain order. My life in general has to be in a certain order.

But, as we all know, it's impossible to keep everything "perfect" 100% of the time. Busy-ness happens. Messy little pups happen. Getting sick happens. Unexpected events happen. LIFE happens and interrupts your routine.

When "perfect" goes out the window, we can respond in one of two ways: we can either accept the chaos and work through it, or we can let the stress rule our lives. Unfortunately, I always tend to fall into the second category. If the house is a mess before I go to bed, I don't sleep well. If I don't make the bed before I leave for work, I dwell on it all day. A lot of the time, I can be completely irrational when it comes to these types of scenarios, and it's frustrating to say the least.

I know it's going to be impossible for me to fully change this way of thinking, but I really have been trying lately to dig deep within myself and realize that it's perfectly okay for life to be messy every now and then. Disorganization in my home, or my schedule, or anything for that fact, does not have to lead to disorganization in my thoughts and relationships. Perfectionism does not have to be the controller of life.

Do you struggle with obsessive organization or perfectionism? How do you handle things when inevitable disruption occurs?
StephTheBookworm said...

I'm the exact same way and have dealt with the same struggles most of my life. I am trying to let it go a bit more, but it is tough!

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls said...

Yup! Been there. Personally, as I've gotten older I've settled down in my need for everything to be just right. Maybe the same will happen for you. Pick what really matters to you and feel free and justified to keep that up, but if something is trivial give yourself permission to let it go! You'll just drive yourself crazy and no one else will notice those little details.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am way too relaxed about things at time. I need to be neater since I think it would cause me less stress. Works both ways I guess. You have great insight into yourself!

Kerry Crystal said...

I drive myself crazy often because I like things a certain way. A very certain way! :) I know I"m being irritating when I do it but at the same time it also makes me feel better to have things done "correctly". I can list so many things but we would be here all day. Over the years I've tried to get better about it but I don't think I've made much progress! - Crystal

Robin said...

I relate to a lot of this. I have also experienced various symptoms of anxiety for almost a year. One small thing that helps is cognitive behavioral therapy, training yourself to switch your mind to something else. I.e., when you have an anxious/OCD feeling, try to think about something happening in a book that you're reading. It takes practice but can be very helpful.

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