Weekend Recap {4/21-4/23}

As far as Mondays go, today is an alright one. I'm going out on a limb by saying that because I don't even know how the day is going to pan out yet. But, it's my last Monday of work before next week's vacation, so I"m going in with a positive mindset.

Regardless of how the day turns out, Monday is the day I talk about my weekend, so let's get going!

Slade and I had a super lazy night in. He made dinner and we started a binge watch of Married at First Sight. We have a thing for awkward reality dating shows. We're also loving the new show, First Dates. Have you watched it yet?

We had a slow start with a lazy morning, but then left home around noon to run some errands. There were a few things we needed to pick up for our vacation, and we found all of them so...success! We then met up with my cousins and their husbands to try Do-Lish, the new edible cookie dough eatery. I had chocolate chip, and everyone else had either peanut butter, birthday cake, or cookies and cream. It was super yummy!

Once the cookie dough had digested a little, Slade and I went to check out the Alachua County Friends of the Library book sale. This is an event that happens twice a year in Gainesville. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like...a gigantic sale full of incredibly cheap used books. This was my first time checking it out and it was awesome. There were so many varieties of crazy cheap books. I'll have a haul up soon...probably tomorrow!

We grabbed an early dinner from Blaze after finishing up at the book sale. We hadn't had any real food up until that point, so the pizza definitely hit the spot! Once we were good and full we headed back home, where we spent the evening having a couple of drinks and watching movies.

Sunday was such a fun day! My cousin Taylor threw a "gotcha" day party to celebrate the one year adoption of her dog June, and her sister Shelby's dog Violet. Bell had a blast running and playing with the other dogs. She also got to wear a fun party hat and received a cute little goodie bag with a toy and some homemade treats. I'm blessed with wonderful cousins, and so is Bell! Also, as you can see by these pictures, taking photos with dogs in party hats isn't easy...but it's so worth it.

What made you smile this weekend?
Kristen from Pugs & Pearls said...

Ok first, cookie dough eatery?! That's a thing!? That sounds SOO good.
That last picture is adorable! It's nice to be able to bring your pets to hang out with other people's pets.

StephTheBookworm said...

Oh my gosh, awesome weekend! I NEED a cookie dough place like that. I'd be there every week - LOL.

I'm a huge fan of Married at First Sight. Are you watching the current season or an old one?

Can't wait to see what books you got - library friend sales are the best.

Oh my gosh, dogs in party hats!!! CUTE.

lil desiqua said...

Wow, that sounds like my perfect weekend! I love both of those shows! So excited for the new season of Married At First Sight, though I missed the premiere last week. I've been to a Blaze here, but it wasn't ha;f as good as that one looks! I may have to try it again. And a cookie dough eatery?!?! I have to find one around here! Library book sales are the best- and those dog pics are super cute! Have a great week!

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