Weekend Recap {4/7-4/9}

Does anyone else ever sit down to write a weekend recap, and quickly realize that the only pictures you took were food related?

I swear...this happens every...single...time. I either have 12 photos of food, or 25 photos of Bell to work with. But, people like food and dogs, so I supposed things could definitely be worse.

This past weekend was a Slade-less one, as I dropped him off at the airport on Thursday morning. He's in California for work and won't be back until the 19th, so it's just me and the Babybel holding down the fort.

My mom came to stay with me on Friday night. We had a lazy evening hanging out at my apartment, watching Catfish and Silver Linings Playbook. We also may or may not have went to bed before 10pm. Don't tell anyone though.

We were up fairly early on Saturday, so we met up with my aunt and some of my cousins for breakfast. We went to Metro Diner. You can never go wrong with this place...especially when it comes to breakfast. I had an omelette and a fruit cup, and my mom tried the cinnamon roll pancakes. They were divine. I know this because I stole a couple of bites.

After breakfast, we drove across town to 2nd and Charles. I honestly think that place may be my favorite store ever. I love going to bookstores when I have plenty of time to walk around and peruse. My mom and I both found several books. (I'll have a haul up tomorrow!) I also got this little Ron Weasley keychain. I love him because he reminds me of the Funko Pop figurines. Those little things are so adorable, but I also don't need them taking up space in my home. (Because...partial minimalism journey.) The keychain is small and has a function, so that's why I decided to go with it!

 After 2nd and Charles we went to Target and then grabbed some lunch before heading back to my apartment. Who else is in love with Boom Chicka Pop? They had small bags of a limited edition frosted sugar cookie flavor in the Target Easter section, and I couldn't pass it up. It was soooooo good!

After my mom left on Saturday afternoon, Bell and I went for a long walk and then spent the rest of the evening being bums. I did quite a bit of reading and made a Sunday to-do list. Also, it's a possibility that we were in bed before 10pm again.

I slept until almost 9:00 on Sunday morning, which is unheard of for me as of late. Over the past couple of years I have transformed into that morning person who prefers to begin her day at 7am. Once I was up, I had an egg sandwich for breakfast and finished reading The Night Circus. It was my 8th read of the year, and I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as I thought I would. I rated it a 3/5 stars.

After that, it was time to be productive. I straightened up the house, and then had one of those rare occurrences of actually taking my time to shower and get ready. I then headed out, and found myself at Pollo Tropical to grab some lunch. I built a tropichop bowl that was only around 550 calories, and it was great. After eating, I went to Publix for groceries, where I may or may not have spilled the drink I was carrying all over the floor...and proceeded to clean it up while people stare at me. Two thumbs up.

Anyway, I got a lot of yummy, healthy stuff for the week, and stopped at Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee on the way home. There's just something about sitting down to write blog posts with a good coffee, which is what I did after putting all of the food purchases away. After blog stuff was taken care of, Bell and I went on another long walk. The weather has been GORGEOUS this weekend. The last of the weekend was spent reading (The Rosie Project is my next victim!), and trying out a healthy cookie recipe I found on Pinterest. Look for a post on that experience later this week!

How was your weekend? Tell me about your food conquests and hangout time with your dog!
Linda @ A La Carte said...

My weekend was anything but relaxing but it was FUN! Friday was Tiger's birthday and with pizza, cake and fruit punch the kiddos were flying. Saturday was a morning at church with a Spring Fling and egg hunt. Lots of kids and lots of fun but oh my aching back from bending over so much. Sunday was church and a quick visit with the Grands and then rest! Monday starts another busy week.

StephTheBookworm said...

Aw, so nice that you and your mom had such a nice get together like that! And I love the pup wrapped up in that blanket - so cute!

I love bookstores... so addicting. I collect horror Funko Pops but I have them on my desk at work. :)

Vicky Hunt said...

I was a great weekend...I always enjoy hanging out with you and Bell. Sounds like your Sunday was good too. Question...where can I go to get an Instagram widget like you have in your sidebar?


Kerry Crystal said...

Your weekend sounds awesome to me!! Don't feel bad about being in bed by 10PM! I'm usually in bed by then. My kids think I'm lame but I tell them that being awesome all day wears a girl out! I'm not sure they are buying that! I spent most of my weekend cleaning and re-cleaning the kitchen! My daughter was on a roll cooking like crazy this weekend! I'm always on clean up duty, grocery shopping, and I take pictures for her blog! You aren't the only one with a camera roll full of pictures of dogs and food! I throw in a few pictures of kids and cats too! I hope you have a good week! - Crystal

Robin said...

Babybel is so cute! I have a keychain of Harry's wand.

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