5 Instagram Accounts for Dog Lovers

One of my favorite things about Instagram is being able to easily follow accounts that produce photos of things that I love and am interested in. It is the one social media platform that doesn't overwhelm me. Call me crazy, but sometimes scrolling through my feed is all I need to change my mood, or motivate me to accomplish something I have been putting off.

Even better, Insta is the perfect place to go if you're looking for something cute and fluffy to gush over. I have always enjoyed following pet-related accounts, but I love doing this evening more now that I have Babybel. It's fun to see photos and read stories that other dog lovers post, because I can relate to them on such a close level. I even created a profile for Bell, because that's just the kind of dog mom that I am.

Are you a dog lover? Here are some of my favorite dog and puppy related Instagram accounts. You may enjoy them too!

1. lizzie.bear
This account shares the daily lives of Lizzie and Ally, who are both Golden retrievers. They are so precious! They both look incredibly happy all the time, and their feed is full of their adventures. You can also tell that they love each other dearly...it makes my heart happy!

2. thatgoldendog
Bear, another Golden retriever, is the star of this profile. The owner originally started the account with her dog Champ. Sadly, he passed away in 2015. She got Bear in 2016. Oh my goodness, all of the photos are CUTE. You can spend hours getting lost in this feed.

3. popyourpup
There is no one particular pup that makes an appearance on this account. Pop Your Pup is actually a company that creates custom portraits of your pet. You can get these portraits on canvas, tshirts, and other products. I really want to get one of Bell and our cat Rizzo done. They're so adorable, and the account always shares the cutest photos of pets that have had their portrait done.

4. love.a.bull_diesel
Diesel is a pit bull with an incredibly sweet face. He looks like he would be the best snuggle buddy. You can't help but smile when one of his pictures pops up in your feed.

5. rescuepetsofinstagram
Rescue pets features photos that followers send in of their own rescued pet. We adopted Bell and she makes us happier than anything, so seeing other animals find families makes me believe that the world isn't always such a bad place. They also give a shout out to the shelters that the animals are adopted from, which is wonderful for making others aware of where they can adopt from.

Do you follow pet accounts on Instagram? What are some of your favorites? Please share them with me!
lil desiqua said...

So cute! I agree, just looking at cute pups can lift my spirits, and IG is definitely my favorite platform. I love pitbulls, and am so sad that they get such a bad rap! Some of my faves are Doug the Pug, Boo (World's Cutest Dog), and Pumpkin the raccoon. Going to check these out!

StephTheBookworm said...

Ooohh, hadn't heard of any of these! One that I follow that I can think of off the top of my head is tunameltsmyheart. A funny, silly looking dog.

Vicky Hunt said...

Love these! So sweet...:) And I love you too!

Kerry Crystal said...

Oh my goodness! The rescue pets of Instagram!!! Did you see the bunny on there? Too cute! - Crystal

Katie Wright said...

!!! Great idea! Going to follow them all :) Thanks!

Katie Wright said...

Also, OMG is that Bell in the photo? She's ADORABLE! Love a good photo of a snoozin' pup!

Kerry Crystal said...

Thank you - I added these to our follow list. I wish my mom's rescue Queen Elizabeth (her dog with no teeth and only one eye) had an instagram. Be sure to check out bobiscray! So fun!

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