{Babybel Blog Takeover} THE BEST SURPRISE EVER!

Hey, what's up? Hello! Babybel Rogers here.

It's that time of the month where I secretly post on my mom's blog. You'd think she would have learned by now to hide her computer from me during the day. Poor Mom, she just isn't that smart sometimes.

Something really exciting happened to me on Wednesday! I got a flippin' BarkBox in the mail! I was soooo surprised. It was my Dad's idea to start ordering them for me. I told Mom that she could learn a lesson or two from Dad. He's so cool.

Wanna know something hilarious? My mom tried to make me pose for a picture with my BarkBox before I opened it. She said something about a cute pic for Instagram? I don't know, I wasn't really listening. Anyway, I sat still for a couple of seconds, but then I was like...yeah fudgin' right Mom, just give it to me! And this was the best picture she got. Heh heh.

In the dog world, BarkBox gets a lot of...what is it called? Oh, hype. It gets a lot of hype. So, for a second I was really nervous that I wouldn't like what was inside. And...I didn't like what was inside. Because, I LOVED it! Ask Mom, I went crazy for my new toys!

My mom sometimes does book hauls on here. (Lame though.) I'm going to do something much more entertaining. I really wanna show you my new stuff, so here's a BarkBox pawl! (Swiped these pics from Mom's phone while she was in the shower this morning. Luckily she took them, because, you know, I don't have thumbs and stuff.)

I got two new treats and two new squeakies in one day! Can you believe it? Look how cool this stuff is. The pretzel was my initial favorite, but then I got tired of it because it didn't have enough salt. My actual favorite is the Statue of Liberty ball! I've already chewed a hole in the soft stuff and tried to rip it apart. I haven't been successful yet, but there's still plenty of time. I'm just a young pup!

My Dad gave me one of each treat and I would say they're both pretty solid. The Lamb Lung toasters are pretty good...very lamb-ey. I think the Sojos are the best though, because they're bacon and cheddar flavored and those are my two FAVORITE foods! Plus, I think that little cartoon dog on the box looks kinda like me...just not as cute obviously.

Oh, I almost forgot, I did get a beef chew but my parents haven't let me have it yet. I tried to tell them that I have to eat it so I can tweet about it, but then I remembered that Mom banned me from my Twitter account because I pooped on the stairs the other day. (It was POURING outside. So sue me! You wouldn't wanna poop in the rain either.)

I guess you could say I'm obsessed with BarkBox. So OBSESSED.  I can't wait until next month.

I'm gonna go now. I have dog stuff to do. It's the last day before the weekend, so I have to take advantage of my parents not being home. There's just so much stuff to lick and destroy.

Paws and love, y'all.
Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm so glad you loved your Bark Box! You are really a good blogger also!!

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls said...

Haha, I love getting mail like this too! We can tell you really like that ball, your face is so cute!

StephTheBookworm said...

HAHA that picture of her jumping is hilarious! And I LOVE that pretzel toy... way too cute.

Vicky Hunt said...

My granddog is so spoiled...lol! Cute pix! I thought once about ordering those boxes for Sadie and Rooster but then decided not to. The toys wouldn't last two seconds with Rooster!

Love you!

Kerry Crystal said...

I love these posts! She was banned from Twitter for pooping on the stairs! Lol. - crystal

Becky Baker said...

Love this post. I would never ave thought of getting a subscription box for my dog and I know he would love this. Some of the toys would last two seconds as he is a destructive force but he would love the treats.

And don't be too harsh with the twitter, no one wants to poop in the rain.

Kerry said...

Did you watch Bachelorette? BarkBox sponsored a date!!

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