Charleston, SC With the Parents {Favorite Travel Memories}

Slade and I are on vacation! Don't worry, I'm not blogging on the trip...these posts are pre-scheduled. In the spirit of traveling, I have written about some of my favorite travel memories...not so much the details, but more so the feelings that I had during the experiences. Hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful week! 

Last summer, I took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina with my mom and dad. This was a special trip to me for a couple of reasons:

1. It's a city I had always wanted to visit but never had before.
2. I had just returned from Europe not too long before, and that time with my parents was much needed.

In case you haven't noticed, I have a deep love for old cities. I like visiting places that make me feel like I have taken a step back in time. I like old buildings, interesting traditions, and history. Charleston embodies all of those things.

I hadn't had the chance to take a trip like that with both of my parents before. A lot of people don't really get opportunities like that in their lifetime, so Charleston is a trip I'll always treasure. We walked the old streets, ate a lot of delicious southern food, visited the aquarium and other attractions, and overall enjoyed each other's company.

I hope they both know how much that trip meant to me. It was kind of a weird adjustment period for me, with being back home and trying to find a new job and some other personal stuff. I can't wait to have more times like that with them in the future.

I was on a blogging hiatus at the time of this trip, so I never actually wrote an in-depth post about everything we did in Charleston. Perhaps I'll try to do that soon. Better late than never, right?

Do you travel with your family often? What is your fondest family vacation memory?
Vicky Hunt said...

Wishing I was there right now eating one of those delicious chicken sandwiches we had! I think the trip meant as much to us as it did you and we will treasure those memories always. Can't wait to make more travel memories together! Love you so much!


Robin said...

My husband and I live near Charleston now. Before I met him, my family and I visited Charleston a few times per year. It's a beautiful area. I also like places with older buildings and history.

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