Day One in Prague {Favorite Travel Memories}

Slade and I are on vacation! Don't worry, I'm not blogging on the trip...these posts are pre-scheduled. In the spirit of traveling, I have written about some of my favorite travel memories...not so much the details, but more so the feelings that I had during the experiences. Hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful week! 

Spending a year in Prague was a dream come true. Sounds cheesy...but that's a fact!

For as long as I can remember, that city was at the top of my bucket list. If anyone ever asked me what one place in the world I would travel to if I could, the answer was automatically Prague. It's like a piece of my heart was already there, even before I stepped foot off the plane. I was drawn to it...to the architecture and the history and the fairy tale charm.

My first day there was one of the best. I had so many mixed feelings...thankfulness and ridiculous excitement, with a dash of "what the heck am I doing" that was masked by "oh my gosh, I'm really here!"I thought I would never learn how to navigate the metro and tram system, let alone the streets. I was surrounded by a language I had never heard in person. I was overwhelmed, and I was perfectly okay with it.

Everything was sensory overload. I wanted to jump for joy when I saw the cobblestone streets. I wanted to cry when I walked into Old Town Square for the first time. I wanted to drink all of the Czech beer and eat all of the local food. I had to pinch myself to make sure my body knew I actually was there, and not just imagining it. I was ecstatic that I was going to call that place home.

That day was full of "firsts" that will stay with me forever. I never expected that catching sight of Prague Castle for the first time would make my heart jump into my throat. I never expected that walking over the Vltava River on Charles Bridge would be so magical...even with the endless crowds of people. I never expected Prague to be more than I had hyped up in my mind, but it was. It was so much more, and it continued to be so much more for the next year.

If you could choose to go any place in the world, right this moment, where would you choose? Perhaps you have already been to that place? If so, what was it?
Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your experiences have enriched your life. I'm so glad you took that chance to move to Prague!

Cynthia said...

Reading about your enthusiasm even gets me excited! That's interesting that you had wanted to go to Prague for so loooong.

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