Going Back to School?

Can we have a little chat? Blogger to blogger, or blogger to reader? We can? Great. Grab a coffee or something, this could take a bit.

August of this year will mark five years since my college graduation.


For the most part, I look back on college with fond memories. I worked my way through school, had somewhat of a social life, and still managed to keep a good GPA. My degree in Social Science is something that I'm still proud of to this day. My studies provided me with a lot of important knowledge, and I've been lucky enough to land good, stable jobs fairly easily.

I've always been someone who enjoys learning and is interested in a variety of subjects. In fact, when I was in college, I changed my major twice. I began with English, then quickly shied away from it after people kept telling me it would ruin my love for reading and writing. (Pretty sure that wouldn't have been the case, but I was young and irrational then.) Sociology was my next endeavor because I found it fascinating. Interdisciplinary Social Sciences was my final stop, because it allowed me to continue with Sociology but also take more Geography courses.

Over the past few months, I have been overcome with a giant "want" to go back to school. It seems that when most people return to school after being out for a few years, they are going back to obtain higher degrees in their already studied subject. That's not really the case for me right now. There's a nagging voice in the back of my mind that is telling me to go for another Bachelor's degree...a Bachelor's degree in something that I have always known is my passion in life.

Here is the part where you may laugh or roll your eyes...I want to study creative writing.

I've been in this argument with myself for a few weeks...to apply, or not to apply? The logical side of me is saying, "No way, Miranda. You still have a ton of student loans to pay off from your first degree." The ambitious side of me is saying, "YES. Study all of the writing!"

There are two reasons I want to do this:

1. I enjoy writing like I enjoy nothing else. I know that this is an area of study that would not only teach me a lot, but would also bring me a lot of enjoyment.

2. I need some confidence when it comes to my writing. I have reached a point in my blog where I'm pretty comfortable hitting publish on just about everything. But, what people don't know, is I have three half-written novels that I can't bring myself to complete because I feel like absolutely no one wants to read anything I have created. I always start strong with an idea, and then I question myself to the point of quitting. I want to publish a book. And, I know I can do it...but I'm getting in my own way.

I'm not going to say that a degree is magically going to help me produce a novel, but I am saying that I think it will give me the tools to realize that I'm just as capable and deserving of making that happen as any other writer.

I've always been told, if you're passionate about something, you should go for it. So...I guess I have my answer right there. Maybe I just needed to talk myself through this to prove that I'm not being silly or irresponsible.

Have you ever went back to school after being out for a few years? What is something that you have always wanted to do, but avoided because it didn't seem like the logical decision? Please share your experiences with me!
Ellen Ross | Ask Away said...

Just go for it girl. if you feel it, embrace it!!

XO Ellen from Ask Away

Steph Spying said...

Without any shadow of a doubt, I think you should go for it!

You won't be losing anything- you'll just have more knowledge in your arsenal (which can never be a bad thing).

It's obviously something that you love, and something that you're incredibly passionate about.


StephTheBookworm said...

How exciting! I think you should go for it! Some of the colleges around here offer an advanced certificate in creative writing, which are less time/money than a Bachelors... maybe that'd be an option?

I LOVED school too, with a passion. I always debate going back too but don't really have the time right now with working FT and taking care of Caleb. Also, I am paying a boatload of student loans too. I'd love to get my PhD in English though.

Go for it!

Kayla Whitter said...

Do it, do it, do it! I will always and forever encourage anyone who wants to to go back to school (which is why I work in higher education). I graduated with my Bachelor's in Mass Comm in 2012 and started my Master's in Counseling (Education) last fall. It was a bit of an adjustment (everyone is so much younger than me!), but it's definitely worth it. No one can take your education away from you.

julie @ a hopeful hood said...

This is such an exciting decision!!! Have you considered talking to a publisher before deciding on school? It would be interesting to hear what a publishing company had to say about how to get signed on as a writer/get a book deal...obviously a degree in creative writing would make your writing even better, but maybe pursuing a writing-based career doesn't require the degree?

I was an English major and it CURED me of my love for reading haha. As it turns out, being assigned 4 novels per week for upper-level classes makes you hate reading ;)

Vicky Hunt said...

Go where your heart leads you...:) You know I support you in whatever decisions you make in life.

Laura Darling said...

I say if you feel truly passionate about it, go for it!

Kerry Crystal said...

I'm sure your novels are fantastic! You are a great writer. - crystal

Torrie said...

I think it's important to pursue passions, but I'm also super cautious financial-wise, so I understand the hesitation. Have you considered a third option? Like maybe researching writers' groups in your area (or starting one of your own), or attending local workshops? Almost wherever you live, there are workshops and conferences you can attend (for far less than the cost of a degree) that would help you develop as a writer and get your feet wet with publishing. Or, if you're set on a degree, maybe look into a Master's program, as not all of them require a Bachelor's in English in order to apply. Anyway, just throwing out some thoughts, but either way, I'd say to follow your passion!

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