My Daily Routine

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Falling into a daily routine is inevitable for most people. In fact, I would dare say that it's crucial to maintaining sanity most weeks. Responsibilities and commitments can be taxing, even when you're overly familiar with them.

I have developed quite the daily routine since Slade and I moved in together back in December. Aspects of my weekdays are usually exactly the same as the previous one...and so on and so forth. A normal (work) day in my life looks a little something like this:

This is when my alarm goes off. Actually, I usually set my alarm for 6am, and then hit snooze until 6:30. If it's a day that I don't wash my hair, I'll usually keep hitting it until 6:45. Oh, how glorious an extra 15 minutes can be. Anyway, the first thing I do is let Bell out of her crate and we head downstairs for a walk.

Bell and I head back upstairs and both of us hop back into bed for a few more minutes. I usually spend this time thinking about the day, reading a bit of my book, or having a quick scroll through Instagram. (You can find me @mirandamhunt. Where can I find you?)

Now it's back down to the kitchen. I always feed Bell breakfast, and then get my breakfast and lunch for the day prepped. I take my breakfast with me to eat at work, so it normally consists of wheat peanut butter toast, or even better, these healthy chocolate chip cookies. Lunch varies, but most days I bring a salad with a side of chicken or tuna or something like that. The final thing I do is put peanut butter in Bell's kong and pop it in the freezer for later. (One of my co-workers gave me the tip about freezing it...Bell loves it cold!) 

Time to shower and get ready for the day! Some of my daily essentials include this Clean and Clear cleanser that I have been using for years,  Moroccan oil for my hair, and the Garnier BB cream for oily skin.

I'm usually ready by this time, give or take a few minutes. I take Bell for one more walk, grab her kong out of the freezer and put her and her water in her crate. After that, I get the Keurig going, and slip on my shoes while the coffee is brewing. My go-to is Donut Shop brand with a dash of creamer. 

With coffee in hand, I grab my stuff, say a final goodbye to our cat Rizzo, and head out the door. 

The work day starts here. If you don't already know, I work at a travel agency as an air specialist. I feel very fortunate to work in an industry that I'm passionate about. If you're wondering why my keyboard looks odd, it's a special type of keyboard that goes with the software I use to book air travel reservations. 

Lunch time! Monday through Thursday I have a low key lunch with just me and a book. (My current read is In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware.) On Fridays I will go out to eat with a co-worker or two. 

Work ends here, which is good because my brain is always more than finished for the day by this point. Right now, my afternoon commute isn't that bad because all of the college students are gone for the summer. It will be even better when the K-12 schools wrap up in a few weeks! 

One of my favorite parts of the day is walking through the door to Slade, Bell and Rizzo. Bell is always really happy to see me...it warms my heart! Slade and I usually spend a little time catching up on our days, then I head upstairs to change clothes while he starts/finishes up dinner. He enjoys cooking and is much better at it than I am. I'm not sure how I got so lucky, ha ha. When dinner is ready we sit down together and eat. One of our frequent go-to's for dinner is eggroll in a bowl. You can find the recipe here!

This part of the day varies quite a bit. Sometimes I write or read while Slade plays video games. Sometimes we watch a show or movie together. Sometimes we go out to run an errand or two. The only guarantee of the evening is playing with our hyper dog to get some of her energy out, ha ha. (As I was writing this she chewed through my laptop charging cord...thanks for that Bell.)

This is the point where the day begins to wrap up. We clean the kitchen and tidy up then take Bell for a final walk and put her to bed. I usually take a look in my closet to get an idea of what I'm going to wear the next day. Before I lay down I brush my teeth and take my makeup off. My favorite cleansing wipes are these from Simple that are formulated for sensitive skin. 

After reading a chapter or two in my current book, it's lights out! 

Do you have a daily routine? What are some of your favorite parts of your every day life? What are some of your everyday essentials? 
Linda @ A La Carte said...

My routine varies but mornings and evenings are pretty much the same.

Kerry Crystal said...

I didn't know you had a cat! I love cats. He is very cute and so tiny compared to our two cats!! - Crystal

StephTheBookworm said...

These posts are so fun! I'm lucky in that Jerry is definitely more of the cook in our relationship too. My routine is somewhat similar though Caleb makes things more hectic lol.

Robin said...

Bell is so cute! And Rizzo, she made a nice pose for your picture. My dogs hide from camera, haha. I should try those cookies; I want more breakfasts that I can make ahead of time. We just moved from a college-centric city. I understand the frustrating student traffic.

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