Nashville Eating Exploits

Today is day two of being back to reality. Slade and I had a wonderful vacation last week, but it really did end just as quickly as it came. I told you a little about what our original plan was in this post. However, that is not the vacation that we ended up taking. Long story... We had to cancel the Branson portion and do a quick last minute re-plan.  After our initial weekend in Jacksonville, we took a road trip to Nashville, TN, Birmingham, AL, and Columbus, GA. In spite of the quick changes, we still had the BEST time. 

I have several vacation related posts planned for the next two to three weeks. Today is the first one, and I'm going to be talking about one of our favorite aspects of the trip. What would that be? Well, obviously the food in Nashville. 

Let's be real, eating new and often not-so-healthy food is one of the most fun aspects of going on vacation. In this day and age, it's also incredibly easy to discover the best local restaurants in any given destination. (Thanks Pinterest and Google!) Nashville may be known for it's musical history, but I can now attest that the food scene is certainly not lacking either. Here's a little look into our Nashville eating exploits. 

We visited Taco Mamacita on our first night in town. It is in a really cute little part of the city, near Music Row and the Vanderbilt campus. It has a really warm and fun environment that automatically draws you in. I knew the food was going to be delicious when we walked in the door. 

For drinks, I ordered a strawberry margarita and Slade had a whiskey ginger mojito. Mine was really yummy, and in Slades' own words his was "phenomenal." We also ordered queso as an appetizer, because can you really go to a Mexican restaurant and not try the queso? It was so good! 

Taco Mamacita has a lot of specialty tacos. Deciding on an entree of two tacos and a side was the easy part. Actually choosing which two tacos to get was the difficult part! They all sounded mouth-watering. 

What we ordered: I eventually decided on the Sloppy Jose and the California Club with a side of black bean and corn salad. Slade went with the Korean BBQ and the Oy Vey with sweet potato fries. 

What we thought: I LOVED the Sloppy Jose. All of my food was delicious. I also tried a bite of Slade's Korean BBQ taco and it was awesome. Two thumbs up from me! Slade says the Korean BBQ was also his favorite, but the Oy Vey was also really good. Two thumbs up from him as well. (He says being the second one to give an opinion is more difficult and insists on giving me his thoughts for the next restaurant first.)

We wanted a good hearty breakfast before going hiking one morning, and Pancake Pantry was obviously our best bet. This restaurant has been in business for over 50 years, and is one of Nashville's most popular choices for food. I found several reviews online that said the line for a table is normally around the block. We luckily didn't have to wait at all since we went early on a Tuesday. 

What we ordered: I ordered the banana bread pancakes with a side of hashbrowns, which have been voted the best in Nashville. Slade ordered the french toast with a side of loaded hashbrowns with cheese and onion. 

What we thought: Slade says the hash browns were the best he has ever had because they were crispy but still potato-ey. He also says the french toast was fantastic. It was fluffy, flakey, and ferocious...the three "F's" of french toast. He gives it one and a half thumbs up since it was a little pricey. My banana bread pancakes were divine...I ate every single bite of them. The cinnamon cream syrup tied everything together. I was full for hours, that's for sure. 

We went to Tavern one evening to have some drinks and an appetizer and fell in love with the atmosphere. We sat in a big, comfy booth and talked about how much we liked the decor. Even the hot sauce was in what looked like old-fashioned medicine bottles. 

What we ordered: For food, we shared the Philly cheese steak eggrolls. I had a glass of wine and Slade had a cider and even tried a beer cocktail. 

What we thought: Slade says it's a really cool place with a great vibe. The cider was really good and grapefruity, but the cocktail was just okay. He says he thinks they were trying to be too hipster. In his words, the egg rolls were also "off the chizzain." I thought the egg rolls were pretty good...not my favorite food of the trip but still worth a try. Tavern was a great place for a few drinks. 

The Pharmacy  was the number one place on my food list in Nashville. It is a combination of a burger joint/soda parlor and a German beer garden. There are options to sit inside, but we chose to sit out in the garden because the weather was so perfect when we went for lunch. Everything at The Pharmacy is claimed to be made with the best ingredients, and there is no shortage in food and drink choices. 

For drinks, I tried the Creamsicle soda and Slade had a couple of different types of beer. 

What we ordered: I went with the Mission City burger with a side of tater tots, and Slade had the Farm Burger with a side of tots. 

What we thought: Slade says the venue was beautiful and it was really nice out the day we went. As far as the burger goes, the bun is what made it. He thought the bun was fantastic...and fluffy and ferocious and fierce. He says his beer was "ear licking good," which is apparently how our dog would describe something so delicious. He says the tater tots were meh, but he gives The Pharmacy 2/2 thumbs up. He also wants everyone to imagine a Hades two thumbs up gif here, because I refused to actually include it in the post. (Insert mandatory girlfriend eye roll here.) The Pharmacy was also my favorite food experience of Nashville...the Creamsicle soda is what did it for me! 

That brings me to the end of our Nashville food experience. Have you ever been to Nashville? Which of these restaurants would you most want to try? 
Kristen from Pugs & Pearls said...

Reading this on my lunch break was not a good idea! I'm drooling while I wait for my sandwich to be delivered. Everything looks so yummy!

Robin said...

I especially like the sound of those cheese steak eggrolls, they look so good! I believe in enjoying everything once in a while. There are plenty of ways to die that can't be helped by a healthy diet (i.e. plane crash).

Lottiefla said...

Awesome reviews --- made me want to try all of them next time I'm in Nashville.

Vicky Hunt said...

Um...I want to try all of them of course. LOL! Seriously...everything looked so tasty!

julie @ a hopeful hood said...

This all sounds AMAZING!!! My younger sister goes to school in Nashville and so you know I'll be sending her these suggestions! (Though she'll probably roll her eyes and been like, "uhh I've been there")

lil desiqua said...

So many delicious looking food pics! I've never been to Nashville, but hoping to get there int he next year or so. The Pharmacy and Pancake Pantry are both already on my list! That whiskey ginger mojito from Taco Mamacita sounds right up my alley too!

Kerry Crystal said...

I want to eat at The Pharmacy! I just like the look of the logo! I would also like that corn salad from the first restaurant! - Crystal

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