"Some things fill your heart without trying."

In the first post I ever wrote about her, this was the quote I used to describe the way Babybel makes me feel. That post was written back in December, when Bell was just a clumsy, playful, and completely precious two-month old puppy. She was 11 pounds, full of snuggles, and at that perfect, curious puppy age. She thieved my heart the moment I picked her up out of the squirming mass of her brothers and sisters. I immediately knew she was going to be Slade and I's first big adventure.

Now, Bell is 51 pounds, constantly exudes crazy amounts of energy, and only sits still long enough to snuggle on the rare occasion. She likes to walk by and give me random licks to remind me that she does love me, even though she's super busy doing dog stuff. If Slade and I show the slightest bit of affection towards one another, she has to get right in the middle of it. Her favorite past-time is running full speed to the kitchen whenever she hears a cabinet door open, because she just assumes that we're pulling out the peanut butter jar.

Bell isn't always easy, and she definitely isn't always well behaved. She's quirky, and stubborn to boot. But, the joy she brings into mine and Slade's lives every day just can't be measured. She isn't just our pet, she's our child. (Call me dramatic, I don't even care.) She completes our little family, and with every pound she grows, our love for her grows ten fold. 

We adopted Bell from Helping Hands Pet Rescue here in Gainesville, Florida. The Gainesville area has many reputable pet rescues, and I know people that have adopted from most of them and had great experiences. Slade and I knew that we wanted to adopt instead of buy. Our main reasoning for that pre-Bell was that we wanted to provide a home to a dog that desperately wanted/needed one. I think that is the primary reason that anyone wants to adopt a pet from a shelter, but after learning more about Helping Hands and actually getting a dog through that process, we learned so much more about how "adopting rather than shopping" benefits pets in need everywhere.

As you keep reading, please keep in mind that I'm absolutely not saying that there is only one "right" way to obtain a dog or cat. Pets are one of the greatest gifts in life, regardless of how they are acquired. I'm simply sharing some information about something that is near and dear to my heart.

According to the National Humane Society, around 3.7 million animals are euthanized each year. The ASPCA has also done studies that show these animals are euthanized because there is no one to adopt them, and only 10-20% of animals owned are adopted from shelters. That is a super small percentage, especially when you stop to think about how many animals we have in the world. 

So, you see, when you adopt instead of spending possibly thousands of dollars on a new pet, all of these things happen:

*You give an animal the opportunity to grow up in a loving environment.
*You support the shelters that make it their mission to save as many abandoned and neglected pets as they can.
*You take support away from puppy mills and breeders, and the often horrible treatment that takes place within some of those establishments.

Maybe you aren't in a position to adopt and care for a new pet, and that is completely understandable. There are others ways to help if you are interested in supporting rescue shelters. Here are a few ideas:

1. Donate money or food to a local shelter. Your contribution can go towards the care that the animals receive while they are in the shelter waiting to be adopted. 

2. Sign up to volunteer. Shelters are always looking for people to help with feeding, transportation of the animals, and adoption events. 

3. Apply to be a foster. Give a dog or cat a place to stay while they are waiting to find their forever home. 

4. Fund raise, fund raise, fund raise. Work with the shelter you volunteer for to create new and exciting fundraising events. To make the process easier, use an event planning service such as Eventbrite to promote and advertise. 

5. Follow shelters in your area on social media. Help them spread the word about their amazing animals and events. 

Ready to get going? You can find a list of animal shelters by state here. A quick Google search will also bring up a list of the ones in your city. Even the smallest contributions can make a huge difference in the lives that we are able to give innocent animals. Just prepare to have your heart completely stolen by wagging tails and cuddles.

*This post was written in cooperation with Eventbrite, in order to spread awareness about their non-profit event planning platform. The topic was chosen by me, and all opinions are my own.*
Kristen from Pugs & Pearls said...

Aw! I feel the same way about our dogs. Love them!
There are so many dogs out there who need homes, so I hope people consider adopting first.
I really wanted a pug, so we got our first dog from a breeder. Turns out there are entire organizations dedicated to rescuing certain breeds. So if you are looking for a particular breed, try searching ie 'pug rescue' in your state.
Our 2nd pug was a rescue, and we couldn't be more glad we did that!
Oh, and Bell with the Starbucks cup is maybe the cutest picture I've ever seen!

Mallory Layfield said...

I am 100% on board with adopt don't shop! Jake rescued our dog, and the pets that live with my parents have been adopted as well (Well, one cat actually just showed up in our backyard and never left so we "adopted" her lol). Also, that whipped cream photo is too cute!

StephTheBookworm said...

I LOVE that picture of her up top with the foam on her mouth. It is soooo cute. I am also a huge support of animal rescue. My dog was adopted from the local shelter about 6 years ago now. He's so needy and odd but I love him.

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