Boyfriend Tag, Featuring: Slade (Obviously)

Today's post features a special guest. Say hi to my boyfriend, Slade!

He is always such a good sport. He didn't even think twice before answering yes when I asked him to help me out with a blog post. I found this "boyfriend tag" in the depths of the interwebs. It's probably super old, but I'm a rebel, so let's do this.

//Where did we meet?
We met online. 

//Where was our first date?
Um, we went bowling. I do not remember the name of the place, and then my card got declined at the arcade area. And then we went to dinner at BJ's Brewhouse. 
He was so embarrassed about his card. He had just moved to the area and his bank flagged it as suspicious activity, ha ha. 

//What was your first impression of me? 
Oh, she cute. 

//When did you meet my family?
Um, pretty quickly. Like a month after our first date.
Yep! He met them over dinner at Metro Diner.

//Do I have any weird obsessions? If so, what?
Huh. Um, you don't have weird obsessions in particular, but sometimes you obsess over things. You're almost an obsessive planner, I would say. 
Not a lie. 

//How long have we been together?
Like a month. *laughs* About 8 months, right?
Nine at the end of this month! 

//Do we have any "traditions?"
Yes, every night we make a Kong for Bell. 
Really babe, this is the best you could think of?

//Where was our first vacation?
Um, it depends on how you look at it. But our first real vacations was probably to Nashville, I'd say. 
And it was a great vacation! 

//What was the first thing you noticed about me?
Um, your hair. I noticed your hair first because you have thick hair. 
I was kind of surprised by this answer. 

//What is my favorite restaurant?
Mmm...I don't know. 
Fair enough...I don't really have one. 

//What do we argue about the most?
Um, probably Bell. 
I agree. I think she's a perfect angel all the time, and he sees through that facade. 

//Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Um, I usually wear shorts. 

//If I'm watching TV, what am I watching?
You're generally reading really, and the TV is just on. 
Yeah, I don't really watching TV unless it's a show we watch together.

//What is one food I do not like?

//What drink do I order when we go out for dinner?
Water, generally. 
Go H2O.

//What size shoe do I wear?
Um, I think a 10?

//What is my favorite kind of sandwich?
I mean, if we're talking basic sandwich, sure. But, if we're talking amazing sandwich...I'd probably go with a Philly cheesesteak or something. 

//What is one talent I have?
Um, you're a pretty good singer. 
When I want to be I guess. 

//What would I eat every day if I could?
You'd probably eat cookies every day if you could. 
Hit the nail on the head with that one. 

//What is my favorite cereal?
I honestly don't know. If I had to guess, Cocoa Pebbles or maybe Reese's Puffs?
I really don't ever eat cereal, but if I had to choose, it would be Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

//Where was our first kiss?
On my couch!
While watching Scrubs. 

//What color are my eyes?
Um, they're like greenish/hazelish. 

//Who is my best friend?
Amber. I mean me. 
Ha ha ha.

//What is something you do that I wish you wouldn't do?
Mmm, leave messes. Or work out of town. 
I understand the working out of town thing. But, yes to the messes. 

//What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?
Chocolate. But I wouldn't, I would buy you one. Cause that's just not my thing. 
At least he's honest. 

//What can I spend hours doing?
Um, reading. 

//If I could live anywhere, where would it be?
Um...I don't know. Does anyone really know?
True...there are a lot of places I would live! 

Thanks for playing along Slade! You know me and our relationship pretty darn well. 
Vicky Hunt said...

Yep...I'd say he knows you pretty well! He's a keeper...:) I miss you guys. Give Bell some love from Gran!

Love You,

StephTheBookworm said...

Cookies! Yes, girl, me too... all the way! Ha! Aww, love all the reading answers. These are so fun. I need to make Jerry do this soon!

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls said...

Hi Slade! I love it when the guys make appearances on the blog.
The traditions answer cracked me up!

Mallory Layfield said...

This was so cute! Lol, love the "shorts" answer!

Linda @ A La Carte said...


julie @ a hopeful hood said...

Awww this is so sweet! Happy almost 9 months :) And I think it's adorable he noticed how you have such nice hair!!

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