Crazy for Quinoa {Healthy Recipe Experiments}

One evening last summer, my mom made us a dinner of grilled chicken topped with mango salsa, and a side of cilantro lime quinoa. I still think about that perfect summertime dinner often, because it was all so delicious and fresh. (I really do need to get that recipe from her.) It was also the first time that I remember trying quinoa, and ever since then, I haven't been able to get enough of it. Anytime I'm at a restaurant, especially since I've been eating healthier, I always go for a quinoa option if available. 

Luckily, quinoa isn't such a bad food to be addicted to, ha ha. It's full of protein and fiber, and has many other benefits that we typically don't even stop to think about. It's also super versatile, and easy to use as a base for a variety of meals. 

Until recently, I had never actually cooked with quinoa myself. Slade does most of our cooking and he isn't really a fan of it, and I'm not the most critically-acclaimed chef in the world. (Understatement of the year.) Since he has been out of town for work over the past week, I thought I would venture into the wild unknown and give some quinoa based recipes a go. I made two different ones, so keep reading to see what they were and what I thought of them! 

I found this recipe from Stay Snatched via Pinterest. Shrimp, black beans, lime, cilantro, and quinoa? Sign me up! The recipe also calls for an avocado to top it with, but of course the one I bought wasn't any good. (I swear, that always happens to me!) Despite not having the avocado though, it was still so light and fresh and yummy. It's incredibly easy to throw together. Just keep in mind that the shrimp needs to sit in the marinade for about 45 minutes, so don't forget to allow time for that! 

Is there anything better than Mexican inspired food? I don't think so. The flavors are just incredible, and so many of the staple ingredients can be used in healthier dishes. Pinterest led me to Damn Delicious for this enchilada casserole. I think this one was my favorite because it was super easy to prep! It's cheesy and flavorful, and the salsa and avocado on top tie it all together perfectly. The best part was that it made a ton of food...enough for my dinner, and then three days of lunches to take to work. I also have to say, that it's even more delicious when eaten the second or third day. 

Do you like quinoa? Tell me about a new and tasty recipe that you have tried recently!
julie @ a hopeful hood said...

Those sound so good!! My aunt has a cold quinoa salad that was really good and I need to get the recipe from her, too...Anytime I have quinoa around I just use that instead of rice, but like not specific recipes that were made to be paired with quinoa so sometimes it's a little funky haha

Vicky Hunt said...

I still need to try both of these! They look delish!

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls said...

mmmm, yum! I could eat Mexican food everyday. Although, Quinoa isn't something we make a lot of, but I do rice bowls pretty often though.

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