East 59 Vintage and Cafe

Why yes, I am still talking about our vacation that ended a month ago.

But, really, we did a lot of stuff and I've been trying to space out the posts, so here we are.

A visit to a cool coffee shop is a must when exploring new places. Birmingham has a lot of promising looking ones, but we pretty quickly settled on East 59 Vintage and Cafe. Not only did the menu look great, but the aesthetic seemed to be right up my alley. Plus, it's a cafe and thrift shop in one. Win. Win. And win.

East 59 Cafe is located in East Lake, which is a neighborhood in Birmingham. The location was actually really convenient, as we stopped by on our way out of town to head to Columbus. East Lake seems to be going through a lot of change, and I think the cafe probably does a great job of bringing visitors to that part of the city.

Let me just say, that if my home could look just like the inside of this coffee shop, it would. The ceilings are exposed, the walls are unfinished in a way that perfectly matches the feel of the cafe, there is quirky furniture and the perfect wooden tables, and books are everywhere. (Ok, so my home actually does have the books everywhere thing down, but that's about it.)

The antique store is awesome. It sells a variety of vintage items and tshirts. They have a giant chalkboard calendar on the wall that displays important dates and local events. I definitely wouldn't mind a giant chalkboard calendar in my house either.

Now, for the most important aspect of this visit...the coffee. I ordered a cold brew, and Slade tried the peanut butter cup smoothie. (Coffee isn't his thing.) My coffee was perfect...just the right combination of sweet and bitter. I tried a sip of Slade's smoothie and I would definitely order it if I went back as well. The prices were very reasonable, and while we didn't try any food, it all looked fresh and delicious.

I certainly wish East 59 was located in closer proximity to me. I would be there all the time! What is it about a coffee shop that is so calming and relaxing?

What types of places do you look for in new towns? Coffee shops? Bars? Bookstores? Tell me about a really impressive one that you have found!
StephTheBookworm said...

I'd love to have my house look like that coffee shop too, based on the photos!

Becky Baker said...

Honestly, I just like to find interesting places to explore when I'm away from home. I mean, I would love to have my home even slightly resemble East 59, that place looks so cool! I feel like exploring new places is something I need to do a bit more and maybe I'd discover hidden gems like that.

Laura Darling said...

This looks like such a neat place! Peanut butter cup smoothie sounds right up my alley! I love finding little bakeries or ice cream shops!

julie @ a hopeful hood said...

Omg those wood walls and that couch! What a great little spot. Also, please keep talking about your vacay no matter how long ago it was! I'm loving all these posts :)

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